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  1. AEW
    Welcome to the fourth EFC event as we will be covering Revolution 2023 EFC Championship zkorejo (C) Vs MrFlash vs CTv2 (23-36-29) Winner and NEW EFC Champion: MrFlash The TNT championship is still being decided with the Win/Lose records, the one on one matches will be randomly drawn after...
  2. General WWE
    We could very well see women's mid-card titles for the main roster and NXT. I also predict that Roman Reigns will lose the WWE Championship in 2023.
  3. AEW
    Welcome to the second EFC event as we will be covering the Dynamite & Rampage special 'Grand Slam' EFC Championship DammitChrist (C) Vs InfamousGerald Due to both the Champion and Challenger not showing the title has been awarded to our highest scorer, congratulations to our NEW EFC Champion...
  4. AEW
    So after being a member of the Wrestling Forum Championship since 2011 (under the name Turbo120) I figured I'd give AEW a slice of the predictions game pie. If you've ever played on the WFC then it will work the exact same here. For the Time being since I doubt we'll have many takers I wll only...
1-4 of 4 Results