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  1. Non Title PPV Matches, Why Non Title and Should they have been for the Title?

    Classic Wrestling
    There were quite a few PPV matches that featured a champion but for some reason the match was non-title. Examples include: Roddy Piper VS Greg Valentine(c) Dog Collar Match at Starrcade 1983: Not for the US Championship. Ricky Steamboat VS Rick Rude(c) 30 Minute Iron Man Match at Beach Blast...
  2. Monday Night War PPV's: WWF VS WCW by Month.

    Future & Past WWE PPV
    When discussing the Monday Night Wars, people talk about Raw VS Nitro and the ratings. But here's a little game I'd like to play with you. Everyone knows that the PPV's are the most important shows for the promotion. They're the ones that are critiqued the most seriously. So here's what the...
  3. Corporate MITB : The roof is on fire

    General WWE
    https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/04/wwe-announces-climb-the-corporate-ladder-money-in-the-bank-669395/ Madman Vince went nuts,so finally we could see the real version from the 99 commercial