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  1. Classic Wrestling
    For those who have some of the old Coliseum Videos of PPV's from 1985 to 1997, Sometimes they will have exclusive content that's only available on the Coliseum Video versions. This includes backstage segments, exclusive promos, and highlights from events leading up to the PPV. Some noteworthy...
  2. Classic Wrestling
    As we have seen, certain noteworthy title changes have taken place on episodes of the flagship shows instead of on PPV. Some were the right decision while others should have been saved for PPV. Which noteworthy matches in which titles changed hands on free TV should have been done on PPV?
  3. Classic Wrestling
    I'm curious to know about certain wrestlers in WWE past who challenged for certain WWE championships at a PPV, but never won them. And I'm not including those who would win the the championship at some point. I mean those who challenged for the belt but NEVER won it. I'm curious as to if they...
  4. Classic Wrestling
    There were quite a few PPV matches that featured a champion but for some reason the match was non-title. Examples include: Roddy Piper VS Greg Valentine(c) Dog Collar Match at Starrcade 1983: Not for the US Championship. Ricky Steamboat VS Rick Rude(c) 30 Minute Iron Man Match at Beach Blast...
  5. General WWE
    https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/04/wwe-announces-climb-the-corporate-ladder-money-in-the-bank-669395/ Madman Vince went nuts,so finally we could see the real version from the 99 commercial