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owen hart
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  1. Classic Wrestling
    with yesterday being the 22nd anniversary of owen's death i thought we can talk about something that isn't discussed in regards to his death. who is the most responsible. is it russo for forcing owen to take back up the blue blazer gimmick, or vince for going cheap on the stunt?
  2. Classic Wrestling
    In late 1996, British Bulldog and Owen Hart won the WWF Tag Team Championships from the Smoking Gunns. Prior to that, they were under top heel manager Jim Cornette's management, but after Clarence Mason took over the management of Bulldog and Owen after the victory, I kind of got the impression...
  3. Classic Wrestling
    Throughout Owen Hart's WWF run he has had many tag team partners, including 3 he had won Tag Team championships with. Those partners were Yokozuna, British Bulldog, and Jeff Jarrett. Now what I want to know is how everyone ranks the 3 as tag team partners of Owen. It can be based on any criteria...
  4. Classic Wrestling
    Considering that VICE's Dark Side of the Ring series will be covering Owen Hart soon, I figured I'd ask this question. What's the worst that could have happened if the WWF had just let Owen just run down the isle in his match at Over the Edge 1999? This whole stunt IMHO was just a prime example...
1-5 of 5 Results