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  1. Lee vs kross - good stuff look forward to there match

    Both Keith Lee and Kross both did great tonight promo wise got to see a more vicious side of Lee in his promo and karrion cut a great promo saying Lee did nothing but stand back why he destroyed Dijack and either Lee goes the easy way and gives him his title shot or find out the hard way which...
  2. How do you book Keith lee vs Karrion Kross?

    Keith lee has just got to the top of NXT a few weeks back when he beat longest reigning champ Adam cole to become a dual champion but now he has the hot new NXT monster heel Kross after his title so how do you book it? Do you have Lee get beaten so quick after winning the belt and him being the...
  3. The santos escobar faction could be the sleeper hot new thing in the company

    General WWE
    I watched nxt last night and I saw the latest segment with Santos Escobar raul Mendoza and joaquin Wilde and there newly formed faction and listening to Escobar cut the promo I felt that the guy has real charisma and he just comes across very cool and with the right build and him getting away...
  4. Is killer kro.. Wait my bad Karrion Kross the future of the WWE?

    It's hard to say who's gonna become the next big deal in the wwe because it can just happen out the blue sometimes. Whod of thought the girl who would come out Irish dancing to the ring in NXT would become to the top in the wwe just a few years later. So things can just really happen out the...
  5. Involve the NXT talents to become audiences

    General WWE
    The event of the night is really very entertaining, especially there is a part where Triple H acts silly and without a script. But unfortunately, there should be one or two people that pass when the game is running, I want to see trainer Sara Amato or Matt Bloom is passing around the PC. In the...
  6. Ramifications of a multi-month live event shutdown

    General WWE
    With the impending cancellation or postponement of WrestleMania I am starting to wonder what the effects will be on the industry as a whole if events cannot be held with crowds for a period of months. WWE: Can still hold events in empty facilities, but at that point these become a huge money...
  7. WWE To Launch A Performance Center In Japan Soon

    Would this work or end up badly since it's not easy for WWE to blend in with Japan style and culture https://www.wrestlinginc.com/news/2020/02/wwe-to-launch-a-performance-center-in-japan-soon-666747/
  8. Should Velveteen Dream be the next NXT Champion?

    IMO he’s the total package. Dream as champ would get more people invested in NXT and would make the overall main event scene much more interesting. His best matches all involve storytelling, which is what NXT NEEDS! What’s your opinion on this? Should Velveteen Dream be the one to dethrone Adam...