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  1. Classic Wrestling
    Many fans consider the New World Order to be one of if not THE greatest factions in pro wrestling history, as well as perhaps the greatest storyline WCW ever did. BUT, it's been well documented that Starrcade 1997 was supposed to have been when the nWo was to be officially defeated and would...
  2. Classic Wrestling
    Everyone knows about the impact the nWo had on pro wrestling and the Monday Night Wars, and I'm certainly not denying that. However there was one thing about the nWo that I wish had been different, If you recall Hogan saying after his heel turn saying that Scott Hall and Kevin Nash had come from...
  3. Classic Wrestling
    Watched a usa network special in fall (aka autumn) or winter of late 1996. It was called something like "It's a nite of a 1,000 super stars!" Basically it was wwf showing ALL their inventions i.e. wrestlers especially their main event guys THEY made who left 4 wcw. I.e. razor diesel hulk...
1-3 of 3 Results