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  1. Classic Wrestling
    Looking at WCW's history. How farfetched does it seem when a promotion has 2 different tag team titles instead of one? That's not including the Raw and Smackdown ones since they were separate brands. WCW and before that NWA had a World Tag Team Championship and a United States Tag Team...
  2. Classic Wrestling
    An interesting documentary with Bret, Snuka, Orndorff, Greg Valentine, George Steele and more. It gives you some stories behind the hard grind of 80's wrestling. It's also a fundraiser video on youtube.
  3. Other Wrestling
    I know that Awesome Kong announced her retirement. Unfortunately, she debuted in the WWE at a time when most of WWE's female talents at the time were cookie-cutter models as opposed to today's WWE Women's Division which has women of different body types and flavors.
1-3 of 3 Results