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  1. Other Wrestling
    Pretty simple… Which company’s wrestling did you enjoy the most this year? Tagging: @LifeInCattleClass @Scuba Steve @rich110991 @Eastwood @CM Buck @SHIVV-EAUX-EMME-GEEE @Outlaw91 @CovidFan @CowboyKurtAngle @IronMan8
  2. Classic Wrestling
    Does anyone have have the match or highlights of Dynamite kid vs Davey Boy Smith from NJPW February 7, 1984??? Used to have a highlight of the match but have lost it. Hope to get some help.
  3. Other Wrestling
    I have nothing to watch tonight and want to watch some wrestling. Any suggestions for matches would be appreciated (WWE, AEW, ROH, PWG and NJPW). I’ve decided to make a list of matches I need/want to watch (including matches I’ve never before seen, or haven’t seen in a while) Thanks everyone🙂
  4. RAW
    I knew Finn endup wasted on CJ. What the fuck was Vince thinking when was drafted to RAW? First, the irrelevant Balor Gay Club, after Demon's bury on Soft Rules and now losing against a fucking gamer Geek. Definitely, I won't Finn Balor, I won't the Demon, I want Prince Devitt coming back to NJPW.
  5. New Japan Pro Wrestling
    It was just announced live here at the taping in Philly that Buddy Matthews is coming to NJPW Strong!!!! He'll be debuting at the Battle in the Valley ppv on 11/13. I cant fucking wait!!! My dream match of Buddy vs Ospreay is a lock now. Still bitter we got screwed out of a match vs Styles...
  6. General WWE
    Hey guys! I'm Jack, host of FightGeist, the Alternative Wrestling Podcast! We're putting together a year-end wrestling awards show and would really love if you all could take a minute and vote here! 1st Annual FightGeist Slammy Awards The results will be announced on Episode 40 of our show...
  7. New Japan Pro Wrestling
    “This one is for fans of NJPW. I’ve been a fan of American wrestling for a long time (WWE, Impact Wrestling, you name it) and I wanna’ try out some Japanese wrestling. I’m very interested in watching NJPWs flagship show, Wrestle Kingdom but I’m not so sure which one to start with. I’ve heard...
1-7 of 7 Results