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  1. Will Owen Hart's death be a stain on the Attitude Era or Monday Night War in general?

    Classic Wrestling
    Considering that VICE's Dark Side of the Ring series will be covering Owen Hart soon, I figured I'd ask this question. What's the worst that could have happened if the WWF had just let Owen just run down the isle in his match at Over the Edge 1999? This whole stunt IMHO was just a prime example...
  2. Monday Night War PPV's: WWF VS WCW by Month.

    Future & Past WWE PPV
    When discussing the Monday Night Wars, people talk about Raw VS Nitro and the ratings. But here's a little game I'd like to play with you. Everyone knows that the PPV's are the most important shows for the promotion. They're the ones that are critiqued the most seriously. So here's what the...