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  1. SmackDown
    Years ago some people on WF were pretty excited about Sonya Deville and expected a great inring career. I always was a bit sceptical, because the big progress didn't happened. Too bad, years later we are still not seeing it happening. Maybe Sonya has consistently picked the wrong gimmick or had...
  2. General WWE
    Here are a few that I can think of: * Extreme Makeover Match (a match very similar to an Extreme Rules match with the exception of kendo sticks and chairs being replaced by brooms, mops, ironing boards, hairspray and lipstick) *Substance in a pool match * Kiss My Foot match * Hogpen match
  3. General WWE
    Why doesn't the WWE do lumberjack/lumberjill matches in the WWE anymore?
  4. General WWE
    Repackage, that change of gimmick when a Superstar can't find his/her suitable personality. Someones repackages may be Successful with their new gimmick, another ones may result in a fiasco, and other ones efimerals but memorables. In this thread we call on those wrestlers who have been...
  5. SmackDown
    From my experience as failed gambler, Happy Corbin looks a lame Gimmick. Quite Frankly, I have no clue what was Vin ce thinking. I hardly ever know people who earns the Casino Big Prize and reach happiness with money. And If someone earn the Big Prize, surely could spend the money quickly...
  6. NXT
    The ones that come to mind are: Pillow fights Bra and panties matches Pudding matches First blood matches Thumb tack matches
  7. General WWE
    As much as I love the Undertaker, Papa Shango everyone that does supernatural gimmicks I believe the time is up, it’s time to wrap it up because unfortunately we do not have a performer that can really pull it off like the undertaker and even he couldn’t pull it off recently with his age and...
1-7 of 7 Results