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  1. SmackDown
    Think about it. Years ago, when Edge still wasn’t able to wrestle yet, Seth held him hostage and used him as a bargaining chip to bring The Authority back, before nearly ending him with a Curb Stomp. Also, Edge had to get rescued by John Cena, a man that he LOATHED for so long. There should be...
  2. General WWE
    A video from my podcast FightGeist celebrating Randy Orton's return to form.
  3. General WWE
    I'm trying to find the source of this image here: I originally found this on an old fansite and I cannot seem to backtrace it anywhere else. According to the fansite, the woman in the image is tori, but of course, there is more than one tori. I tried phrasing keywords on youtube in case...
  4. General WWE
    My friend and I are super into Wrestling, so we decided to talk about. Check it out, and be sure to have discussion, we'd love to hear comments.
1-5 of 5 Results