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  1. General WWE
    As for myself, I like Drew McIntyre vs. Karrion Kross due to the fact that the so-called "White Rabbit" will be revealed and he will feud with McIntyre IMO.
  2. WWE PPV
    First of all, I can't avoid how terrible is WWE Product Nowadays. I gave it one upteenth chance and everytime Vince finds a new old way to lose attendance. Evenmore, at a couple of months to Clash at the Castle, The forevateen (Christened by myself as his teenager mentality trapped on an elder...
  3. General WWE
    Twelve years ago, RAW was given top priority with its guest host gimmick, top stars such as John Cena, Randy Orton and Triple H and the special episodes such as Old School RAW, milestone episodes, the WWE Draft, RAW Roulette and Viewers Choice where both rosters appeared on while SmackDown was...
  4. General WWE
    A video from my podcast FightGeist celebrating Randy Orton's return to form.
  5. General WWE
    My Interview with u/DrewMcintyre tells the story of a 15yr old boy from Scotland who became the first ever u/British u/WWEChampion We talk about u/RoddyPiper , u/CurtHennig and even u/BillyCorgan This Interview is for the fans, for everyone fighting out there, Drew's story is inspiring. He got...
  6. RAW
    Randy Orton has been on fire in recent months the is to his feud with edge that started at the rumble and him turning into a unhinged heel character once again something he's portrayed so well before I think him being the next WWE champion would be the right move. Drew has looked great but I...
1-7 of 7 Results