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  1. AEW
    It’s about damn time CM punk finally decided to go after the AEW gold .This should’ve happened from the beginning to be honest in my opinion but I understand and I’m happy he’s going for it now , he better get it no swerves, no bullshit CM punk needs to be the AEW champion plain and simple. The...
  2. ROH
    Who will be the next ROH World Champion after Jonathan Gresham? Gresham defends the belt against Dalton Castle on AEW Battle of the Belts which will be the first time the ROH World Title has been defended in prime time nationally, following up on the TV Title headlining Dynamite. It's nailed on...
  3. General WWE
    WM 29 was a shit show! Twice in a Lifetime never should have happened in the first place let alone the match being trash as expected! Punk deserved that Main Event in 2013 so hard but they did Cena vs Rock just for the bigger Buyrate. To be fair Taker needed a opponent but who cares? Yes Taker...
  4. AEW
    We're back in North Carolina for another action packed card this week. Can the sexy Wardlow overcome CM Punk? Or will Punk bring too much extra meat and cheese for Wardlow to handle? I'm a fan of Powerhouse Hoss so here's hoping for a Dante Martin squash, as anything else would be uncivilized...
  5. AEW
    Happy early Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, Ōmisoka, Holidays, Yuletide, whatever the heck you celebrate to all my WF members! Bex is here to spread and channel more Christmas joy than even Adam Page himself. In this wonderful time of peace, compassion and understanding let us all join together to...
  6. AEW
    CM Punk made his way to AEW in Chicago . and said his first match will be against Darby Allen in September. So CM Punk starting at the top Darby Allen is right now the best and brightest of AEW. It will be an all time classic match.
  7. General WWE
    My friend and I are super into Wrestling, so we decided to talk about. Check it out, and be sure to have discussion, we'd love to hear comments.
1-8 of 8 Results