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  1. AEW
    So after being a member of the Wrestling Forum Championship since 2011 (under the name Turbo120) I figured I'd give AEW a slice of the predictions game pie. If you've ever played on the WFC then it will work the exact same here. For the Time being since I doubt we'll have many takers I wll only...
  2. Artistic Expression
    Here is a poster that I made in GIMP. It features all 25 WWF Superstars who held the 1985-1998 Intercontinental Championship Belt. I got inspiration of it from an art piece someone did of all the WWF Superstars who held the Winged Eagle belt. I'm sure you know all 25 champions.
  3. Wrestling Fantasy Games
    Hi guys, This forum is basically a GM mode from WWE games where we create our storylines and share our ideas. WWE has lost its popularity as well as creativity ever since the attitude era. Many fans are now losing their interest in watching it. So, assume that you are replacing Vince McMahon as...
  4. NXT
    IMO he’s the total package. Dream as champ would get more people invested in NXT and would make the overall main event scene much more interesting. His best matches all involve storytelling, which is what NXT NEEDS! What’s your opinion on this? Should Velveteen Dream be the one to dethrone Adam...
1-4 of 4 Results