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  1. Classic Wrestling
    :LOL: WWF MSG 1984 - The Iron Sheik Vs Hulk Hogan [WWF CHAMPIONSHIP] Who has kept the long feud going longer:LOL: https://twitter.com/cpenny81/status/1605053072035692545 Goldberg V Hart Screw Job WCW World Heavyweight Championship 20th December 1999
  2. General WWE
    What do You make of those Bret's Statements? Yay or Nay? First of all. Both hace diferent Styles. Hogan is a Showman and Bret is a technical. Which style is better?
  3. Classic Wrestling
    In hindsight, considering how sour Bret looked after losing the WWF Championship to Shawn Michaels in the iron man match, do you suppose this could have been the first sign of Bret Hart's heel turn that would take a full year to come full circle? And considering both were babyfaces at the time...
  4. Classic Wrestling
    Of course it's been said how badly misused Bret Hart was while in WCW. But if we may focus on a specific aspect of that. What I want to focus on is the chance WCW had for a Bret Hart VS Hulk Hogan feud. They could have built this feud up to promoting a match at one of the major WCW PPV's like...
1-4 of 4 Results