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  1. Classic Wrestling
    I found a fantastic YouTube channel with lots of eighties and nineties territory and NWA/WWCW/WCW (Classic Wrestling Stuff) and I've been watching WCW 92' as it's chronologically in episodes of Saturday Night and World Wide. Anyway what are peoples opinions of that period? Tons of talent, yet...
  2. General WWE
    I literally can't watch wrestling live anymore because of how angry I get if a superstar I like loses. Does anyone else get this emotional about it, and might anyone know why we get this upset? I don't know if it's just because of how the promo after the match shows the winner gloating in the...
  3. General WWE
    Could Kairi have been a big star in WWE if Vince hadn't been in charge? Why do you think such an incredibly talented wrestler was booked so poorly and miscast so badly as she was on the WWE Main Roster?
1-3 of 3 Results