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  1. General WWE
    Rumor has it that Alexa maybe transitioning into acting in movies??? Any one have any thoughts? I would for sure pay to be in a movie with her!!!!!!!
  2. General WWE
    As much as I love the Undertaker, Papa Shango everyone that does supernatural gimmicks I believe the time is up, it’s time to wrap it up because unfortunately we do not have a performer that can really pull it off like the undertaker and even he couldn’t pull it off recently with his age and...
  3. RAW
    WWE always used the supernatural to create some characters. Some ended very well and others became a joke. Many people are hating to see Alexa interact with a doll. Well, there are also people who don't care about that. But did you ever think that this doll could be a person? I'm not saying...
  4. RAW
    Meanwhile we know, that Alexa Bliss is going for the RAW women division: To make this gimmick with her puppet Lilly work, one female wrestler has to be sacrificed for that. So who will it be? (Charlotte excluded because if suspension, Mia was moved, Mickie was released, etc.)
1-4 of 5 Results