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  1. General WWE
    I noticed that numerous female wrestlers such as Rhea Ripley, Shotzi, Cora Jade, Toni Storm and Ruby Soho all have their ears stretched. Anyone noticing that trend?
  2. AEW
    So I mentioned previously that I was going to this show live. It was actually a long time coming to finally see AEW live, I had planned on doing the 1st Arthur Ashe show but plans didn't work out, and then the 2nd Arthur Ashe show didn't work out either even after I already got tickets to it...
  3. Other Wrestling
    Pretty simple… Which company’s wrestling did you enjoy the most this year? Tagging: @LifeInCattleClass @Scuba Steve @rich110991 @Eastwood @CM Buck @SHIVV-EAUX-EMME-GEEE @Outlaw91 @CovidFan @CowboyKurtAngle @IronMan8
  4. AEW
    Welcome to the third EFC event as we will be covering Full Gear 2022 EFC Championship LifeInCattleClass (C)Vs zkorejo (0-41) Winner and NEW EFC Champion: zkorejo The TNT championship is still being decided with the Win/Lose records, the one on one matches will be randomly drawn after the...
  5. AEW
    Who do you think is the best wrestler of the year?
  6. AEW
    AEW Dynamite, AEW Rampage and its PPVs would generally have only one women's match or segment with some shows not having having any women's matches nor segments (there are a lot of women's matches on AEW Dark, however). Is it because that Tony Khan is a huge fan of WWE's Diva Era from 1999 to 2015?
  7. AEW
    Ok, I’m not the biggest AEW fan. But I love pro wrestling and I love places like this were fans of pw can talk. And for me at least I don’t find a need to shit on someone cause they watch one wrestling show over another. So I have a question……. Why do AEW fans think AEW fans are disliked a lot.
  8. AEW
    Welcome to the second EFC event as we will be covering the Dynamite & Rampage special 'Grand Slam' EFC Championship DammitChrist (C) Vs InfamousGerald Due to both the Champion and Challenger not showing the title has been awarded to our highest scorer, congratulations to our NEW EFC Champion...
  9. AEW
    Oh baby, it's been a while since I posted here, but here we go. Does anyone have a video of the crowd singing "Judas" after Dan Lambert calls it shitty or something like he doesn't want to heart it? The American Top Team is also there on the ramp (not in the ring). Can't find it anywhere. Maybe...
  10. AEW
    So after being a member of the Wrestling Forum Championship since 2011 (under the name Turbo120) I figured I'd give AEW a slice of the predictions game pie. If you've ever played on the WFC then it will work the exact same here. For the Time being since I doubt we'll have many takers I wll only...
  11. ROH
    Idea. This all depends on Tessa getting herself unblacklisted somehow so..... maybe not happening lol She signs with AEW/RoH and joins TBE. Changes name to Blanchard Enterprises. Tessa wins RoH women's title. Cage wins TV title? After FTR collect all the belts, Gates of Agony can get the tag...
  12. AEW
    For context, i dont watch aew anymore, only watched a few shows this year as it doesn't hook me anymore. I saw hate for them on youtube and now on here too. Did something happen that i missed? Or it's just a meme?
  13. AEW
    Regal to Jericho on AEW Dynamite. https://youtube.com/shorts/IlkFuED4QO4?feature=share
  14. AEW
    HookHausen will happen soon. The audience is already craving for their tag team adventure to begin. Who do you think should be the first tag team to have a storyline with HookHausen?
  15. AEW
    It’s about damn time CM punk finally decided to go after the AEW gold .This should’ve happened from the beginning to be honest in my opinion but I understand and I’m happy he’s going for it now , he better get it no swerves, no bullshit CM punk needs to be the AEW champion plain and simple. The...
  16. Other Wrestling
    #BeMad Will they defend them in AEW? A feud with Jungle Boy and Anna could be interesting.
  17. AEW
    The 10 Youngest AEW Wrestlers Source:>>> The 10 Youngest AEW Wrestlers – Dante Martin is only 20 years old. Wow!!
  18. AEW
    Those two recent matches on Rampage from all four guys were absolutely incredible, led by Danielson and Mox. For mine they're the best thing on AEW, which is no surprise as Bryan has been the best thing on AEW since he arrived, with Mox not far behind. The Bryan/Trent match was great with...
  19. AEW
    Well according to Mark Henry they will be the next NWO. 🤣🤣 Bold statement. What's your thoughts on this?
  20. AEW
    Seeing that AEW is not afraid to go "Hardcore" could they have their own Hardcore division? Or instead adding a new title could they transform the FTW title into one as an homage to ECW?
1-20 of 51 Results