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  1. AEW
    HookHausen will happen soon. The audience is already craving for their tag team adventure to begin. Who do you think should be the first tag team to have a storyline with HookHausen?
  2. AEW
    It’s about damn time CM punk finally decided to go after the AEW gold .This should’ve happened from the beginning to be honest in my opinion but I understand and I’m happy he’s going for it now , he better get it no swerves, no bullshit CM punk needs to be the AEW champion plain and simple. The...
  3. Other Wrestling
    #BeMad Will they defend them in AEW? A feud with Jungle Boy and Anna could be interesting.
  4. AEW
    The 10 Youngest AEW Wrestlers Source:>>> The 10 Youngest AEW Wrestlers – Dante Martin is only 20 years old. Wow!!
  5. AEW
    Those two recent matches on Rampage from all four guys were absolutely incredible, led by Danielson and Mox. For mine they're the best thing on AEW, which is no surprise as Bryan has been the best thing on AEW since he arrived, with Mox not far behind. The Bryan/Trent match was great with...
  6. AEW
    Well according to Mark Henry they will be the next NWO. 🤣🤣 Bold statement. What's your thoughts on this?
  7. AEW
    Seeing that AEW is not afraid to go "Hardcore" could they have their own Hardcore division? Or instead adding a new title could they transform the FTW title into one as an homage to ECW?
  8. General WWE
    Think about whatever era from the past and promotion of wrestling/sports entertainment that you enjoyed the most. Comparing that to the current landscape of WWE/NXT, AEW and IMPACT what would it take for these 3 promotions to get you excited every week where you cannot wait to see the show/want...
  9. AEW
    What should the Inner Circle do next: Stay or Disband I think if Sammy, Santana, and Ortiz leave and if Jericho becomes heel then Jericho and Hager should recruit Garcia and 2.0 thus becoming Inner Circle 2.0 with Garcia being Jericho's new protégé replacing Sammy.
  10. AEW
    Tony Kahn owns both so that should bring a lot of ROH wrestlers to AEW, should be interesting and vice versa,
  11. General WWE
    As we already known, Cody has returned to WWE. After that circumstance, maybe we have The possibility to watch Dusty's son as The Big W FOTC. Maybe that's sounds impossible, but perhaps, that new inspires Vince to uses Cody as The Ultimate Weapon to destroy AEW by once for all. Or what Do You...
  12. AEW
    As reported earlier, it was said that Cody Rhodes is apparently working as a free agent as his contract with AEW had retired last year. Cody Rhodes himself confirmed his free agency status. According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, there are those in WWE who believe Cody Rhodes...
  13. AEW
    I've compiled a list of the top 30 rated AEW matches from 2021 via the popular Cagematch site. I think it's a good reference for those who may be new to AEW or want to reflect on the year gone by. These are voted on by hundreds of people so a good variety of opinions. I've included the average...
  14. AEW
    Hello AEW Rampage will air on ITV4 UK starting next Tuesday 4th of January 2022 at 23:05 weekly. Also, a repeat on Thursdays. I have no idea if they go back to the very first episode or the episode aired on Friday 31 December 2021. Your Farhan
  15. AEW
    Greetings friends, we have another action packed episode of Dynamite this week. This week we'll be treated to a match not seen since the likes of Mike Tyson vs. Evander Holyfield. This match up is of course nun other than Big Booty Bex Jamie Hayter vs. Thunder @Prosper Rosa. Now I expect a nice...
  16. Other Wrestling
    I have nothing to watch tonight and want to watch some wrestling. Any suggestions for matches would be appreciated (WWE, AEW, ROH, PWG and NJPW). I’ve decided to make a list of matches I need/want to watch (including matches I’ve never before seen, or haven’t seen in a while) Thanks everyone🙂
  17. AEW
    Just heard this from PWI Insider: https://www.pwinsider.com/ViewArticle.php?id=152994 I mean if this is true, what better time than now for him to get that done, and get a long deserved break. Dude probably has plenty of other nagging injuries, and has been wrestling the past few years with...
  18. AEW
    I’m not gonna act like I’ve always knew this guy cuz I haven’t even though I heard his name around, but that promo was fucking crazy I’m impressed it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a wrestler that felt REAL that was some NY shit for real his baggy sweats with the cargo pockets and...
  19. General WWE
    Certainly, both have too much money and Zero Creativity. At this point, I'd rather to watch MLW Fusion Alpha.
  20. AEW
    I am a WWE fan for the longest time. I watched since Hardy Boyz era but stopped watching around 2016. I just recently started watching wrestling/WWE again just this year and im a NJPW casual fan too. It's obvious, but i tried watching AEW particularly with their PPVs first. Im lost with the...
1-20 of 38 Results