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  1. Am I the only one who doesn't rate John Moxley as the top guy in AEW?

    John Moxley is the AEW world champion as we all know but should he be. I just feel like the character he's portraying isn't solid enough to be the main event guy and the champ in the company. I don't hate the character it's a good character but i just think sometimes it comes across not really...
  2. Can AEW be a real threat to WWE

    Over the past year AEW has came into the wrestling world and immediately stamped its authority as the number 2 wrestling company in the world. In 2019 they had a huge year with double or nothing in May of that year being a big success for a brand new company. And then debuting there weekly show...
  3. Discount AEW merch available in the UK

    Hi all, Just before the start of the lockdown, I ordered a load of AEW t shirts from their official website for a stag party. The stag party never happened due to Covid and now I’ve got a room full of wrestling t shirts that I can’t return. I’m looking at offloading them for cheap, and am...
  4. Trying to understand, how pro wrestling as a sports entertainment business flourished.

    General WWE
    Hello, I have been a rigorous consumer of pro wrestling since a long time. Seen how WWE and other pro wrestling platforms have produced stars like John Cena, the Rock, Shinsuke Nakamura and many others. I have always found myself engrossed in the lengthy plots and story lines, week after week...