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  1. Classic Wrestling
    I found a fantastic YouTube channel with lots of eighties and nineties territory and NWA/WWCW/WCW (Classic Wrestling Stuff) and I've been watching WCW 92' as it's chronologically in episodes of Saturday Night and World Wide. Anyway what are peoples opinions of that period? Tons of talent, yet...
  2. Classic Wrestling
    The Macho Man Randy Savage VS Jake "The Snake" Roberts feud of 1991/1992 was so heated and should have given Jake the most heat of any heel in the WWF at that time. -He and the Undertaker crash the wedding reception of Savage and Elizabeth at SummerSlam 1991. -Has a cobra bite Savage's arm on...
  3. Classic Wrestling
    Going back and watching the buildup for Summerslam 1992 with the episodes of WWF Superstars on the WWE Network, the one that got the most attention was the storyline of "In who's corner will Mr. Perfect be in" for the Warrior/Savage match for the WWF Championship. Of course for those who...
1-3 of 3 Results