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Re: WWE SummerSlam Discussion Thread #JOINTHEPARTY

just realised, is taker not wrestling then? whats going on? has he got lost?

guess they bussed in goldberg to fill the over 50s role instead.
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Re: WWE SummerSlam Discussion Thread #JOINTHEPARTY

Undertaker never needs to wrestle ever again, even if his last match was better than it had any right to be.
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Re: WWE SummerSlam Discussion Thread #JOINTHEPARTY

WWE Summerslam Listed As TV-14 Event

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Re: WWE SummerSlam Discussion Thread #JOINTHEPARTY

Originally Posted by lesenfanteribles View Post
The possibility of having longer matches I guess or maybe there could be some surprises here and there.
Goldberg vs Ziggler, 20 minutes long.
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Re: WWE SummerSlam Discussion Thread #JOINTHEPARTY

Originally Posted by M1M2M3M4M5M6M7M8 View Post
WWE Summerslam Listed As TV-14 Event

id honestly love it if Brock busted open Lollins kind of like what he did to Orton a couple years back.

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Re: WWE SummerSlam Discussion Thread #JOINTHEPARTY

So... TakeOver is... Over

Next step: SophisticatedSlam!

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Something Off About The SummerSlam Card?

Considering SummerSlam starts at 7E, and is probably supposed to run the typical 4 hours, is anyone a little confused about the small card?

10 matches are scheduled. 1 of the matches (likely the Cruiserweights) will be moved to the pre-show. Then we are left with 9 matches. Goldberg/Ziggler will not be a long match. Rollins is extremely "banged up" in kayfabe, and Lesnar matches are never long. I don't predict Trish/Charlotte to be that long, and considering Finn is going on hiatus, I expect Bray to kind of squash him.

So with 9 matches (if only 1 of them makes the pre-show) on the main card, and 4 of them not expected to be very long in length, is there something we're missing here?

For reference, 2018's SummerSlam had 13 matches.

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The (big) PPVs – your viewing experience?

Hey everyone,

for one of the last WrestleManias, I had some interesting answers on our various viewing habits of wrestling’s “Super Bowl Sunday” (or substitute any other appropriate yearly event of your liking). With SummerSlam a few hours away I was curious as to how all of you watch the (big) PPVs in 2019/recent years – do you watch them on your own, with your significant other, a couple of friends or in a party setting? As someone from Europe who did live in the US for a while, I got a chance to glimpse into the public excitement for big (sporting) events and I must imagine it being similar in Canada. I’m obviously aware that WWE is long removed from any list of sports, but I was wondering whether you personally are building up excitement for PPVs on the day of the show or basically just tune in when the event starts and if you have some sort of itinerary/habit that you follow before the (big) WWE PPVs?

For me, it’s always staying up very late to watch the PPV with the time difference and all, browse through the forum right here and not take it too seriously as a casual fan who watches wrestling on and off for about 25 years now; but I do so alone, as wrestling is one of the quirks I couldn’t get my significant other to join along, so there’s no real tangible excitement building up in our household :-)

Hope you all enjoy the show and all the best!
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Re: WWE SummerSlam Discussion Thread #JOINTHEPARTY

Prediction time (for the matches currently announced anyways):

*Lorcan vs. Gulak: Should be a fun, hard hitting match. Gulak wins to continue his reign.

*Bayley vs. Ember: They've done a shit job of making Ember look credible here so I'm not picking her to win. It's in Canada, so even if Ember is positioned as the heel here or even if she turns heel after the match, Bayley's getting booed here. Regardless, Bayley wins. Hopefully the match is fun.

AJ vs. Ricochet: Was hoping this could be a ladder match or something like that. But regardless should still be a fun match. I think they keep pushing The Club so AJ wins here.

Goldberg vs. Ziggler: The only question in this match if Ziggler gets any offense in. Besides that, easy Goldberg win.

Becky vs. Nattie: I'm very interested to see how the crowd reacts here. I know it's Canada, but I wouldn't be surprised if Nattie gets booed and Becky gets cheered wildly in this match. Should be fun technical match. I hope Becky breaks out a different Submission hold to win this match.

Owens vs. Shane: I could honestly see Owens losing this match and Owens then invading TV the next few weeks. And as fun as that could be....don't do it. No matter how many times these guys face off, KO needs to win all of them.

Balor vs. Wyatt: I could see Balor bringing out The Demon as a surprise, but either way, The Fiend needs to dominate this match.

Charlotte vs. Trish: No idea how these 2 women match up with each other chemistry wise, but the winner shouldn't be in doubt. Charlotte wins.

Kofi vs. Orton: The story here is great. And Kofi needs to win for it to mean something. For Orton to say I held you down 10 years ago and then say Kofi wasn't ready then or now and then to beat Kofi? It makes Kofi look like a chump. So yeah, Kofi wins.

Lesnar vs. Rollins: Rollins has no positive momentum here and I don't want Brock holding the title. I'm going to stick with Seth somehow winning, but I don't see it being a big babyface moment either.

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Re: WWE SummerSlam Discussion Thread #JOINTHEPARTY

Seth WILL defeat Brock tonight. It should be noted that WWE hasn't acknowledged their WM 35 match. It's as if it never happened. This all seems to be a case where WWE is hitting the reset button with Seth.

The best thing to do is to have Seth win the title tonight in the main event and then issue an open challenge tomorrow night. New challenger comes out and Seth is back on track. Just let him do open challenges every so often and he'll be fine. And NO MORE segments or mixed tags with Becky.

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