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Headliner 08-20-2019 11:11 AM

Everyone Read
When we move to the new layout on 8/27, things will be different.

We will be losing all custom smileys. They will all be gone.

I'm encouraging members to save popular smiles so that when we switch over, we still have the links so they can be uploaded. The list will not be as long this time. I'm asking for moderation in how many smiles we have.

Rep will be gone as well. Once a new system is added we will be looking to alter how rep is calculated and how points are awarded.

The chatbox will be gone for the foreseeable future too.

I'm giving everyone a heads up. Once we get to the new layout, the forum will suck for some months. Features will be gone and things may seem off. There isn't much myself, Platt or Clique as admins can do considering our access and admin permissions will be significantly dropped for some time. But we and the mods will be communicating with VS on what needs to be added back to the forum and other features that may be beneficial to the forum.

The way we're going to get through this is the same way we've gotten through every VS related screw up or change. And that's simply through patience, contributing to threads, generating discussion and ideas and sticking it out. Your ideas on how to make things better when this happens are welcome. It will take all of us to restore this forum to what it should be.

Thank you in advance.

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