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How often do you attend games of your team?

A lot of people support a team that's not local, so they rarely, if ever, get the chance to attend their games. But a lot of local fans also don't attend games much. Like me, for example. I'm a Benfica supporter from Lisbon, so it's not hard for me to attend games, but I've been to an unimpressive total of 7 games in my life. And the first one was in the 2000/2001 season already. Also, I've only been to home games and none of them games have been exactly big. No derbies or European competition games. Also, never attended a Portugal NT game in my life.

Why don't I really go to games? Well, for starters, nowadays it's easier than ever to just watch games without needing to leave the house. Which saves you money. Plus, I'm not a season ticket holder and don't really care for going to the stadium. I also don't go to concerts despite being a big fan of music. I just find both things a waste of money and I got better things to spend it on like food, bills, etc. A lot of people find this strange, but it's how I am.

So, to answer the question, I rarely attend games. Last game i went to was in 2014 already. And for the record my W-D-L record at games is 6-1-0. Not bad

What about you?
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Re: How often do you attend games of your team?

The only team I support that is anywhere near me is the San Francisco Giants, and San Francisco is a giant trash heap of human feces and syringes, so not often.

Wish I lived in one of the nicer areas of England, I'd go to every Liverpool match I could.

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Re: How often do you attend games of your team?

I support England cricket team , to be honest I can watch as it's expensive as fuck to go to lords , stay in a hotel , travel costs it would be cheaper to go see Wrestlemania in the USA lol.watching jofra archer destroy the Aussie cricket team today was great , damn he bowls over 90 mph ffs he hit the Aussie bloke on the grill of his helmet ! Kudos to the future Sir of cricket Ben Stokess my favorite cricket player he got a 100 not out today batting, tbh even after winning the 50 over cricket I thought we would get beat as test cricket is different to limited overs cricket we are down one nil hopefully we get a draw and get a win the next game .Some say it's boring not me I like it !!

Peace .

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Re: How often do you attend games of your team?

The only local team I support is the Washington Capitals, and I make it out to a few games every season. For a while there, I would get down to Miami every winter for a Dolphins game, but I haven’t gone in years.

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Re: How often do you attend games of your team?

Pittsburgh Steelers: 2-3 home games a year, the games my dad doesn't want to go to so he gives his season ticket to me
Pitt Panthers college football: 4-6 home games a year, sometimes an away game. Hail to Pitt
Pitt Panthers college basketball: 10-12 home games a year, sometimes an away game (usually vs Syracuse)
Pittsburgh Penguins: 1-2 home games a year
Pittsburgh Pirates: 0 games a year fuck their owner who only cares about making a guaranteed profit every year and accordingly keeps payroll in the goddamned basement

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Re: How often do you attend games of your team?

I’ve done it once and that’s good enough. Hate the traffic and crowds.
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Re: How often do you attend games of your team?

The only two teams that I really support are the NY Giants and NY Yankees. I'm good for at least a Yankee game every year. I usually go in the spring when it's just really nice out at the stadium. And if my schedule allows it I'll do my best to make it to a playoff game. I haven't been to a Giants game in years. The games that you want to go are expensive. The ones that aren't expensive are shitty and usually in the cold. I will be going to the Giants/Jets game this year though. I was better at in when I was in college in Philadelphia. I adopted the 76ers as my team and saw a bunch of their games when I was down there.

I like going to stuff though. I've been on a recent fighting kick and I've ended up at a few interesting places. A hotel in a western New York on a weeknight for kickboxing? I was there in the front row when I was in town for a work conference. I ended up drunk at the Hulu Theater in MSG after a Yankee game and say ringside for a kickboxing show. I'm going to travel to Orlando over Columbus Day weekend and I'll take my brother to the UFC card in Tampa.

And I still see a good amount of wrestling shows live.

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Re: How often do you attend games of your team?

I support teams of my state to infinity, but I don't go to enough games at all.

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Re: How often do you attend games of your team?

I'm from the Boston area, I've been to a few Sox games and one Bruins game. Oddly enough, the only sport I consistently watch is Football, but Pats tickets are super expensive. I'm gonna try to get to a game this season. I can't go the rest of my life without seeing the greatest quarterback of all time.
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Re: How often do you attend games of your team?

only local pro team is the Saskatchewan Rush in the National Lacrosse League.

I have season tickets and have never missed a game since they moved here 4 years ago. (Granted it's only 11-12 games a season). Also gone to a couple away games in Calgary and Vancouver.
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