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Re: Playoff time... where Lebron at?

But Deso, he DID put up 23 shots after saying he wouldn't do it

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Re: Playoff time... where Lebron at?

Nets/76ers series are entertaining AF.
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Re: Playoff time... where Lebron at?

@Strike Force ; apologies for the tardiness.

The main reasons the Warriors turn the ball over so much is are that they do play the brand of basketball that they do, and when they are going right, they put together a mighty mountain of assists. However, they also have a tendency to sometimes be too careless with the ball. The first two games of this series were unquestionably partially marked by the Warriors being at times downright foolish with the ball. It is something that Steve Kerr attempts to "fix" and it is also fair to say that some of the players' favorite moves have been heavily scouted in the extreme. For one, Steph Curry's no-look, over-the-head pass, especially from the right side, is one that everyone on earth knows is a strong option, so it is hardly surprising to see it often intercepted.

Fortunately, in Game 3 particularly against the Clippers, the Warriors took care of the ball, and the results spoke for themselves.

It is an issue for the team. Oh, well. Difficult to be too hard on them.

As for Kevin Durant, I do not believe he truly allowed Patrick Beverley in his head. But he was having issues, and it has been my own long-held belief dating back to when Durant was on the Thunder and earlier--and this is hardly some remarkable viewpoint, because a majority of NBA coaches see it this way--that while it is likely impossible to stop him, the best option one has against him is to try to make him put the ball on the floor and disrupt him with smaller, pesky defenders. Beverley is almost a model fit for that purpose, though in desperation Doc Rivers shied away from that in Game 4. Instead he went with JaMychal Green starting over Ivica Zubac, and put Green on Durant.

That said, I do think the clip of about 2:20-long that I believe I posted above with Durant dissecting the match-up speaks to the issues Durant was having with Beverley. Beyond the competitive rivalry that ignited their mutual ejections from Game 1, the referees in the first two games were horribly whistle-happy in general, and Durant, along with Steph Curry elsewhere (though Curry commits a lot of idiotic reach-in fouls, including a preposterously poor one Sunday afternoon while behind the Clippers' Green in the post, as though that was going to do anything, for his third before the first half was over--fortunately he reformed his ways and stayed out of foul trouble the rest of the way on Easter), suffered for it.

Popovich has been superlative in coaching the Spurs squad he has at his disposal following the point guard injury as you note, Strike Force. The Denver Nuggets are, as you also state, a good match-up for the Spurs considering how low the Spurs are in the seeding. While many are high on Denver's future, and certainly they are a bear to play in Denver most of the time, having a Center who's not especially switchable as the centerpiece is arguably questionable going forward in today's NBA. Will be fascinating to see how they develop over the next season or two, or if they possibly regress. For the Spurs, they will always be competitive, evidently. Their player development system remains second to none, and they keep finding players in a way that makes almost everyone else in the league envious.

Couple the two--Popovich's coaching, and the player development of the organization which fits the former--and you have a dynamo that continues to remain competitive in spite of myriad hardships.

All right, on to Game 4 between the Dubs and Clips!

@Arya Dark ; @BOSS of Bel-Air ; @blaird ; @Stax Classic ; @SUPA HOT FIRE. ; @Buffy The Vampire Slayer ; @Rollo Tomassi; @Chrome ;

Also you're not wrong on that last post concerning the shots put up by , Legit BOSS... Although the point truly is that KD be organic within the Warriors' offense. So if he puts up 10 or 20 or 30 shots, so long as it fits the offensive design--and in Game 3 it truly did, as the Dubs effectively "unlocked" Durant versus what had been a pesky, irritating Clippers "top-lock" defensive set that was making life difficult for the Dubs at the perimeter.

Before further analysis from moi, some relevant tweets:

19 points from being 12th.

The Warriors actually struggled offensively in terms of running their system, and if that were not bad enough, had a horrible Westbrookian shooting game (just kidding... it was worse than the average Westbrook game, just wanted to throw some shade toward Westbrook even if I like him), so it fell to and and IGUODALA to bail the team out again and again on offensive possessions.

Recall one Iguodala three-pointer in particular where the white shirts simply seemed stuck in mud, failing to move, and he, being Andre Iguodala, looking to pass as usual, decided, "Hey, might as well shoot, eh?" So he did and it was wonderful. Believe he went 2/4 on those. Do not feel like looking that up. Anyway, when Iguodala hits even one three-pointer in a game it tends to go a long way, as defenders are typically picking their poison and over-committing and selling out toward and and .

Many observers of the Warriors including this one believed would have a big game and he delivered with his line, having a scintillating first half. Unlike who does not particularly like shooting at Staples Center (never have to worry about him finishing his career out on the Lakers or Clippers), has always enjoyed playing in that building and, if he can, putting on a show in Los Angeles. It was only a matter of time and jumping into the Pacific Ocean was obviously all he really needed to get himself going.

was also instrumental in ensuring that his team was not complacent in L.A. Story here: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/2...m-ready-game-4 Amusing. Enjoy reading that, as I did Saturday evening from other sources.

was also superlative. We know who he is, do we not? Kevin "Timely Buckets" Durant as he shall be henceforth known, because every time the Clippers put together a run, such as their 11-0 run to endanger the Warriors' hold on the game, Durant was active and ensured that he would either score via field goal or reach the free throw line, or both. When the wheels seemed to come off of the offense--and that happened downright intermittently throughout Game 4--Durant, when he was on the floor, played an undeniably critical part in keeping things from spiraling down too far. The Warriors also had some favorable bounces, the most thrilling and downright humorously so (unless you are a Clippers fan, in which case it is understandable to be fairly dismayed) leading to Durant's three-pointer dagger which gave the Warriors an 11-point lead with only a minute-and-change left in the contest. A deflected Durant pass also led to another field goal earlier in the game, too.

Do not recall ever seeing any KD/IGGY pick-and-rolls before this game. That was rather sublime to witness. Evidently Durant is capable of anything that even begins to approach the penumbra of "NBA basketball"; his point forward abilities were once again immediately apparent.

Refs were far better in this game than in either Game 2 or Game 3, both of which were a horror show of officiating. Tony Brother's officiating was superior to that of Ken Mauer and Scott Foster, so, indeed, even with reffing, a lot of random variance and noise comes into play. Already went through Curry's foul troubles in the first half, at least half of which was of his own making. Thought Draymond Green definitely got away with at least a couple of fairly obvious fouls that went uncalled. Patrick Beverley seemed to get away with at least one on Curry. Someone the refs actually looked at and almost seemed to pick on was Andrew Bogut, but maybe it felt that way because they refused to allow him to get away with usual moving screens and holds. Overall, it was well-officiated, and the refs barely impacted the game adversely.

had a tremendous game, once again demonstrating his defensive prowess, again and again. He disrupted down low too many times too count, and quarterbacked the defense with intelligence and ferocity. One moment where he looked at like, "C'mon, stick to your man," was hilarious.

Circling back to Iguodala, he was also fantastic on defense. He locked Lou Williams up rather well.

Meanwhile, and were mostly responsible for shutting Gallinari down, who went 5/20 from the field on Easter Sunday.

It's intriguing, is it not? It is more-than-commonplace--it is downright quotidian--for and to be heralded as one of the greatest guard duos ever, but perhaps it is time to consider that and may be the best forward tandem since, well, who? Bird and McHale?

Something worth pondering.

had a wrap on his right wrist after the game. I'm not in the least bit worried, though, because he says there is no reason for anyone to worry.




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Re: Playoff time... where Lebron at?

BOS/MIL should be a good series. I didnt think anyone could beat BOS if they were at full strength but they have kind of under-performed this year.

Glad to see Utah get a win against HOU. HOU/GS will be a great series as well I believe. I feel whoever wins out of these 2 series will be playing for the NBA title.

Question for those who know more than me...whats the ceiling for DET with a healthy Blake Griffin? They seem like a decently solid team, but what do they need to add to be able to step up and make a deep playoff run?? I think with a 100% Griffin, they dont get swept, win 1 game maybe 2 against MIL.
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Re: Playoff time... where Lebron at?

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Re: Playoff time... where Lebron at?

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Re: Playoff time... where Lebron at?


Haven't marked out to a shot like that since Steph's game winner against OKC back in 2016. My God, what an incredible shot.

The wave goodbye afterwards was the most baller shit
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Re: Playoff time... where Lebron at?

Westbrook out of the playoffs

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Re: Playoff time... where Lebron at?

Once again Westbrook looked like a mess this year and is knocked off the playoffs.

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Re: Playoff time... where Lebron at?

lol at "it was a bad shot"

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