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Re: Tennis

Originally Posted by MJF View Post
The first set of Nadal/Thiem has been incredible.

Edit -

That second set was even better.

First set had some of the best tennis Iíve seen a long time. Both players were playing at a very high level. Itís a shame that the two games of that set were one sided.

Thiem looks to be showing fatigue, which is not surprising. Five setter against Djokovic wouldíve take a toll on him and heís using a lot of energy to win points against Nadal.

Iím hoping for a Thiem comeback but I canít see it happening with Nadal up 2-1.

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Re: Tennis

I’ve never seen an athlete completely dominate one aspect of their sport the way Nadal dominates everyone on clay courts
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Re: Tennis

predicted nadal in 4

and that's exactly what happened

french open no 12 for nadal
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Re: Tennis

The "new generation" are just a bit of a joke really.

None of them look even remotely like breaking the Federer, Nadal and Djokovic dominance, despite one being nearly 40 and the other two being in their mid 30's.

Nadal's clay dominance is the most boring thing in the history of sport.
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I do not want or hope, I intend.
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Re: Tennis

Congrats Nadal!!

hard fought match by Thiem!

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Re: Tennis

zverev & tsitsipas both lost in r1 at stuttgart & 's-hertogenbosch respectively

embarrassing, out first round in a grass warm up tourney

can't wait for another federer-djokovic wimbledon final with a combined age of 729
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I do not want or hope, I intend.
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Re: Tennis

They produce epic matches so why complain

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Re: Tennis

Originally Posted by Slickback View Post
They produce epic matches so why complain
we'll agree to disagree on that one

they did produce epic matches, they have produced epic matches. nowadays? i watched them play when they were younger & better, and they're STILL around, hogging the wins and titles from the younger players

they're literally the equivalent of old part-timer wrestlers from previous eras

to answer your question, i complain because they've broke the fucking cycle in tennis

if you want the short version - tennis is/was late to the game in realising the potential of doping/PEDs, and federer/nadal/djokovic have built their careers upon and are extending their careers due to this elephant in the room that is never addressed

here's the very long version

tennis players have always declined at 28-29 onwards, and rapidly. younger players have risen up and taken over from them. in the open era, rosewall > connors > borg > mcenroe > becker/lendl > sampras > federer > ....?

the exceptions for performance in their 30s are notable i.e rosewall, connors. even then a decline from their 20s

agassi was the first that didn't. at least not at first. we now know that the ATP covered up his reccy use, and turned a blind eye to his 'as close as you can get without being obvious' doping from 00 onwards

the only reason he didn't win australian 02 (which he won in 00, 01 & 03) is because he withdrew with 'injury' despite playing perfectly fine 48 hours prior...

if you believe marcelo rios (who is a cunt, but an honest one) he withdrew because he felt he'd fail a doping test. seeing agassi in his 30s having a 'resurgence' while serving and hitting harder than his peak year in 1995...

that was the big red flag, for me. the first sign that doping had reached tennis (it was obviously already rampant in cycling, NFL, wrestling, baseball, football etc). there had been rumours of martina nav in the 80s but that aside...

that was 15+ years ago. moving on a little - federer dominated from 03-07 like no-one before. unprecedented in the men's game, only martina nav was more dominant in a stretch

some sllight red flags; the seemingly endless stamina, the sudden leap forwards from 02-03 going into late 03/04 and especially in 05 and then 06. players that had beaten or challenged him before were swept aside like they'd never held a racquet. again, this was waved away as 'oh he's just that good', 'he's the future GOAT', 'just beautiful to watch'

then nadal comes along. outlasts people on clay over 5 16 and 17(!), runs everyone into the ground. makes shots that are perhaps achieveable a few times in match, but he makes them game after game, point after point, never tires

the 'knee injury' that if legit should have ended his tennis career befrore it really got going...

not really a surprise that he was accused of doping from the start (he has been btw, operation puerto more or less confirmed that)

domaintes on clay for a year. 2 years. 5 years. 10 years. doesn't show any sign of slowing. takes 6 months off the tour, then wins 2 grand slams & 5 masters in 2013 because 'fuck it'. is STILL outlasting guys at their physical prime in their 20s while being 33(!) himself. his matches with theim are a perfect example of this

there's some decline from his superman peak of 2008, but he's keeping things ticking over with 'smart-scheudling' and 'peaking for the important events'

again, it's all hand-waved away; 'such domination!' 'youngsters can't break through!' 'incredible, how does he do it?!?!?!' (lol)

well the ATP doesn't care. it now has this 'great rivalry'. all the $$$$$$

the 'GOAT' or soon to be 'GOAT' versus this young up-start that seems to be the only one who can beat him. and those annoying flies buzzing around called murray and djokovic but they don't win when it matters so who cares...

federer LOOKED like he was on the decline around 2010-2011, which fit in line with the 'normal' career decline, then he pulled last (seemingly) one great performance out in 2012 and won wimbledon

he's rolled the years back, what a legend etc. he then doesn't really win much for 4 years, reaches a couple of slam finals while steamrolling (most) of the rest of the field. more losses, but 'he's older innit'

he then wins 2 slams in 2017. at age 36. wins indian wells-miami double just for a laugh. retains the AO in 2018 because why not. #WEAKNEWGEN

now after a break of 2 years(!) from playing clay, he just casually strolls to the semi-finals of the french at nearly 38 years old. no big deal

speaking of 2011, that brings me nicely to djokovic. easily the most blatant after nadal

suffers for years from allergies, stamina issues, fucks up his serve for the best part of a year. wins a slam in 08 but that seems to be it. just doesn't have the stamina to keep up (lol) with federer/nadal, or the consistency

then suddenly he's iron man. 3 slams in a year, 5 masters title. demolishes nadal to pieces on clay and grass. takes federer serve-botting like karlovic to deny him at the french.

it's just gluten though. he's removed gluten from his diet. he follows this up with 3 straight AO titles (first since Emerson in the amateur 60s), 3 straight year end titles (never done before in modern format)

then in 2016 lands a NCYGS (non calender year grand slam), the first man since laver in 1969 to hold all slams. then plunges off a cliff for 2 years after. urecognisable from the man holding all 4 slams

mentally fatiuged you see. hurt by 'rumours' of his infedelity. not a drop-off for any other reason at all(!)

this is now 2 generations that have been unable to break through because the top players, specifically the top 3 are STILL hogging the spotlight

they have the money to travel first class, have private jets afford the best physios/rehab/trainers/etc, cart their whole families and enoutages around the world. their legacies are already secure & they have no financial worries

meanwhile players outside the top 100 scrape by, players <200-250 match fix, and players in the top 50 have to settle for the occasional win at a tournanment where it doesn't matter, or, if it's at a tournament where it DOES matter, good luck beating 2 or 3 them in a row. it's like barely defeating what you think is a final video game boss, then FUCK YOU, beat this even more difficult one too, straight after

it's like a continuing party carousel for the big 3. sure they lose outside the slams but who cares about that? 'great, a young player beat an all time great. call me when he wins a grand slam'

occasionally one will lose at the slams, but one of the other two will win the thing so business as usual. just rack up more slams*

they can more or less do what the fuck they like because there's no chance the ATP would hang them out to dry in a scandal - they'd be shooting themselves in the foot since their entire premise for the past 10 odd years has been 'BIG THREE. BIG THREE. BEST EVER. BEST EVER. STRONGEST ERA EVER' etc

*because 49 out of the last 57 between them isn't enough. current 'streak' is 10 and counting

here is a list of the people who have a grand slam in the past 15 years outside those 3:

safin (1 slam in 05. 2 in total. genuine talent, but didn't give a fuck. retired, party animal, injuries)

del potro (destroyed his wrist to win one slam. always had 'stamina issues'. still playing but wrist can't keep up with 'modern' tennis. unlikely to land another)

murray (also destroyed his body. more or less retired. 3 slams, olympic medal, good haul. had to play the game to get those; noticably increased his muscle mass + stamina. (but not his second serve lel)

wawrinka (3 slams. screams 'doping'. has 'peaked' for several slams while doing absolutely nothing for the best part of decade before, then ruined by injuries since then. also wins those slams in his 30s)

cliic (one slam. confirmed doper. used a shit excuse, ATP bought it and gave him a slap on the wrist for being such a silly cunt. done nothing since then when it matters)

the icing on the cake is the continuing naivety, or more like deliberate ignorance, on the part of fans, ex-pros, commentators, coaches, even current pros...


their over-extended stay at the top of the mountain is due to a combination of greed from the ATP/ITF keeping their cash cow going (GOATs. STRONG ERA. GREAT RIVALRIES)

- turning a blind eye to PED use from their top stars (while banning nobodies for having too much caffeine or w/e, or match fixing to pay their flight home)

- the 'evolution' of tennis into a game that rewards stamina, endurance & recovery over skill and technique. further benefiting PED use.

- the naivety, or unwillingness to believe, of fans, and the hush-hush atmosphere promoted by everyone involved in the game (and if someone speaks out, they get fucking trampled and ostracised)

i will say that at this point that the dragging of sharapova and throwing under the bus was a plesant surprise. it was glorious actually, i practically orgasmed on the spot. i did not expect the WTA to expose such a top star

HOWEVER, i will say that she is the exception. sharapova was/is generally hated by other players, and more to the point, was given several chances by the WTA to stop her doping. she ignored those (claimed she didn't get the e-mails), and continued regardless. so left them little choice

she has also been allowed back to play and compete (albeit she is doing fucking awful), so rendering the whole thing pointless

so, if you ask me why i complain, that's why - all the above

didn't intend for this to be so long, but hope this cleared it up a bit

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Re: Tennis

Originally Posted by Tag89 View Post
and they're STILL around, hogging the wins and titles from the younger players
I didn't read all of the post, but this is incredibly bad.

This is a competitive sport. It is up to the opponents to defeat each other. Federer/Nadal/Djokovic would not be hogging titles from younger players if the younger players were good enough to beat them.

Did you honestly just type that? Seriously? I think you need to stop letting wrestling dictate how you think about things, because clearly it's having too much of a an impact on your understanding of legitimate sports.
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How you doin?
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Re: Tennis

Agree with Joel on that point.

Do you expect them to just let younger players win?

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