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Best European football (soccer for US) leagues?

Make your ranking taking into account environment, competitiveness between all clubs and, of course, level.

My ranking is:
1. Italian
2. Spanish
3. English
4. French
5. German
6. Turkish
7+. The rest...

I know people say Spanish league is only about Real Madrid and Barcelona but if we watch a lot of the matches between these two teams and smaller ones this season, it hasn't been as easy as previous years for Real and Barça. Plus they have excellent international performance, not only the two big ones.
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Re: Best European football (soccer for US) leagues?

the premier league is by far and away the best league in the world for all of your criteria
the games each week are more competitive, exciting and to a higher standard of both attacking and defending

teams in spain, italy and german wait to be rolled over by the big boys in their leagues 9/10 times
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Re: Best European football (soccer for US) leagues?

1. Spanish
2. English/German
3. English/German
4. Italian
5. French
6+. The Rest

In terms of level. I don't have time to watch them all but my favourite used to be Serie A.

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Re: Best European football (soccer for US) leagues?

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Re: Best European football (soccer for US) leagues?

1) Premier League
2) Bundesliga
3) La Liga
4) Serie A
5) Ligue 1

Its certainly arguable that La liga is on top in terms of the quality of play. But when it comes to atmosphere, excitement, fan culture etc the Prem and Bundesliga are easily better.
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Re: Best European football (soccer for US) leagues?

The fall of Milan and Inter makes me legit sad. I remember how much of an asskicker AC Milan used to be, and when you look at them now it's just depressing.

Hopefully Juventus win the UCL to bring some much needed happiness.

I guess the Premier League is the most competitive, as you have a handful of clubs at the start of every season who have a good chance of winning it.

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Re: Best European football (soccer for US) leagues?

You can elaborate your meaning of best?

I was used to be Serie A fan before the Calciopoli scandal, now i dont watch any modern-western football cause its just not the same as before... sadly money/commercialism ruined everything. I can suggest you to check the greek superleague, clearly the best fans(ultras) in Europe :P
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Re: Best European football (soccer for US) leagues?

Premiere League and Serie A are tied
league 1
La Liga is dead last. It has been boring for a whole and has never been the place to watch the best football at every position. Any wonder their top teams run rampant in Europe when their local competition is that awful and does not beat them up like other leagues.

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Re: Best European football (soccer for US) leagues?

premier league is bar far the most competitive, although you have the top teams and so on any team can and will beat any other team on any given day.

the problem you have with the other European leagues is you have 3 or 4 top teams and the rest just make up the numbers.

a team like west brom or stoke would easily finish top 6 in any other European league because they only have to finish 1 place behind the big boys, and in my opinion they would get a result against the top teams every now and then.

unless its champions league most of the European stuff bores me, the domestic stuff is usually a foregone conclusion.

i do secretly like a bit of Juve tho, i like the Notts county connection.

when did Genoa last beat Barcelona for instance? i can't even find the info.
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Re: Best European football (soccer for US) leagues?

I think Premier League is by far the most competitive, a team like Arsenal could be a serious contender every year in any other league, yet they have to fight teeth and claws to reach a CL spot. Teams like Arsenal and Tottenham are as good as Dortmund, Napoli, Roma, and all the teams I mentioned are considered contenders for the title in their respective leagues.

A few years ago I'd have said Serie A was a close second, but recently it has become Juve and nothing else. I guess if we take away Juve, it remains competitive, but as it is it's a competition for the second place.

La Liga and Bundesliga aren't competition, it's just Barcelona-Real (with Atletico in between recently) and Bayern, nobody else comes even close to compete.
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