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2010's 2 16.67%
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Your favorite era of UFC?

I like watching the old early bare knuckle days of UFC, best.

Not much of a fan of the modern MMA era with all these stupid rules that limit the amount of excitement.

I liked UFC best back when it was a special attraction tournament that pitted the best of each martial art against one another in a no holds barred contest, it was real fighting with real consequences now you have matches that are way too protective and don't seem like a real fight to the death as UFC was back in those days.. UFC was just like how Pro Wrestling would be if it were real, you had lots of charismatic fighters like Tank Abbott and Mark Coleman who were just like pro wrestling personalities.

I Haven't watched UFC since Brock Lesnar left, not a fan of the boring jiu jitsu matches or the smaller midget weight divisions. I only really like the Light Heavyweight and Heavyweight guys as they are the most exciting.

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Re: Your favorite era of UFC?

Probably 2007-2011

For whatever reason my interest and excitement in the UFC dwindled when they made that FOX deal.
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Re: Your favorite era of UFC?

115 to 148.

From the first event I watched, to the beginning of the end for Chael. For some reason or another I just haven't enjoyed the UFC as much for quite a while. Barely following at the moment.
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Re: Your favorite era of UFC?


GSP, Silva in their primes. Brock coming in. Big upsets like Forrest over Shogun. Super fight in GSP v Penn.

Agreed w Blackbeard on the FOX deal. It just feels weird watching stuff on FOX. UFC felt like that was the day they officially "made it" but it's been pretty bad. It's so watered down now. instead of having like 1 huge PPV per month they have like 6 fight night's and 1 shitty PPV. every other night there is a card. I'd much rather tune in once a month and see 3-4 big time bouts. Have the up and comers and the occasional #1 contender fight on a free fight night card.
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Re: Your favorite era of UFC?

The early days with the tournaments are such a romantic era for me because I watched the fuck out of those shows when I was a kid, they were usually always bunched in with the pro wrestling tapes at the video stores. Great characters and a great atmosphere for those shows, I'll always love that era.

The little period from 2002 to 2005 before TUF exploded was also such a great time. There were only 5 shows a year and they were always stacked from top to bottom with meaningful fights. That run from UFC 40 to about UFC 49 was one of the best runs that any promotion could ever have, just superbly booked.
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Re: Your favorite era of UFC?

2005 to 2009
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Re: Your favorite era of UFC?

I started watching on and off around 99 but the peak of my interest was definitely 2007-11. Brock entering MMA and for a while looking like he may be the legit best HW in the world, GSP and Silva in their peaks, the emergence of guys like Cain and JDS, UFC 100, TUF UK vs US, the Undisputed video games etc etc.
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Re: Your favorite era of UFC?

2002 - 2006 or as I like to call it the Tito Ortiz/Chuck Liddell Era.

Tito's feud with Ken Shamrock is what got me into MMA and Tito & Chuck are like the Austin/Rock of UFC for me. A lot of fighters, matches and feuds from that period were must see for me.
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Re: Your favorite era of UFC?

UFC 81 to UFC 159.

Beginning of Lesnar's run in the UFC which was really fun to watch. Dan Henderson being involved in the UFC is always awesome to see. Around the middle of the time you had Chael Sonnen rise to the top and become a star. Loved his run and that's why my favourite era of the UFC ends with his loss to Jon Jones. When you can't survive 27 seconds longer to win a World Championship it's a sad day.

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Re: Your favorite era of UFC?

Love the Tito/Chuck=Rock/Austin analogy. That is spot on(on a somewhat smaller scale of course).

Also, that whole build up to Brock vs Mir at UFC 100 was such a great organically built up storyline. It's no wonder why that drew such big numbers. Mir tapped Brock in his debut after a controversial referee interference that somewhat protected Brock in defeat. Brock literally almost kills his next opponent, Mir goes on to win the Interim title from Noguiera, Brock wins the real title from Couture within a couple months apart. Both the lineal and interim belts were disputed at the time, Couture was the lineal champ but he had been gone over a year, Noguiera had just as much of a claim to the title as Couture did in actuallity). Then the trash talking between those two guys leading up to UFC 100. It was a very well set up rematch a year or so in the making, with two champions unifying the titles. I don't know if you could ask for a better backstory for a fight or a wrestling match.

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