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Originally Posted by Kratosx23 View Post
Bryan is the right opponent but it's the wrong timing. You JUST had Daniel Bryan lose to Adam Cole, and now you expect people to believe.....well, I guess nobody's going to believe he's beating The Fiend anyway, even if Bryan sliced his arm off with a chainsaw. It's still WWE's really stupid, counter intuitive way of booking, where you have someone lose their way into the title picture.

It's a pretty big opponent for a big 4 PPV, which is the important thing. Clearly Roman is the WrestleMania opponent, and Braun needs more build up for his title match at the Rumble, because he's not anywhere near ready for title contention at the moment. Bryan can always be plugged in as needed.
You could be right but I wanted Daniel Bryan to be the one to take down The Fiend just based on their history together and it could've started with him finally winning the Royal Rumble Match to clean up the 2014-2015 when everybody wanted him to win it.
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Re: Daniel Bryan vs. The Fiend feud coming??

This could be a really good match, but it will be an even bigger disaster than the Rollins matches if they do it with the red lighting. Imagine trying to watch Bryan mat wrestle him in that environment, quite the eyesore.

Would rather save it for Mania though but that's not likely. I'd be happy to get this match at all while Fiend is champion.
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Re: Daniel Bryan vs. The Fiend feud coming??

Poor Bryan ....

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Re: Daniel Bryan vs. The Fiend feud coming??

It's the right choice seeing as no one else has been built up. I would have just left The Fiend off of SSeries altogether unless Taker was coming back to do the job. Bryan has been losing like crazy but at least he still has some credibility in comparison to the rest of the roster. I don't know who the hell is a babyface and who isn't anymore. Is Bryan back to the old Bryan and is The Fiend playing the heel? Or are they both tweener? IDK WTF WWE is doing but hopefully we get a good match out of it at least. SSeries is looking pretty good so far.

On another note, Corbin's terrible promo pretty much guarantees that Roman is getting a redemption storyline where he goes back for the gold after falling off and losing focus for most of 2019, ultimately being the chosen one to defeat The Fiend. After Bryan theres no one else on SD. Vince made it that way on purpose. Everything came full circle all the way back around to Roman main eventing Mania again. People are somewhat cheering him now and Vince is gonna ride that all the way to April. Same old shit. The honor should have gone to Black or Joe.

Fuck your Roman vs Fiend WM main event.

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Re: Daniel Bryan vs. The Fiend feud coming??

This will be dull as fuck. Some midget doing bad kicks that will rightfully be no sold and a running knee to the fiends man boobs this will be ratings brother
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I wanted an IC Title feud before this happened, I'd save something like this for RR.

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Re: Daniel Bryan vs. The Fiend feud coming??

Build Bryan up a bit first. Pretty excited about seeing this feud again though. Bryan gave Bray his best singles match last time.

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Re: Daniel Bryan vs. The Fiend feud coming??

Originally Posted by Kratosx23 View Post
Don't worry, Bray can no sell 15 running knees.
dont give them any ideas.

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Re: Daniel Bryan vs. The Fiend feud coming??

So, we are to believe that the guy who loses clean to geeks like Buddy Murphy and Adam Cole has a snowball's chance in hell against the Fiend?

Sorry, can't suspend my disbelief that much.

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Re: Daniel Bryan vs. The Fiend feud coming??

I like the idea of Zayn and crew doing all the shenanigans they can to help Bryan, yet he keeps refusing them until there’s the tease of him going with them. Then say come Rumble you have the payoff with Bray still going over then the build to Reigns at Mania. Vince has put Reigns/Bray together so many times before as said with the Corbin promo he is 110% going there eventually, and personally I’m fine with that for the Mania build. It’s all obvious stuff but obvious can be good and both Bryan and Reigns have a history with Bray and should make for good feuds if they give them the time and build.
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