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The only way SmackDown can survive and thrive.

1)Get rid of the fucking women(in wrestling/talking roles), especially fucking Bailey and Sasha.

2)Start booking Mandy Rose and Alexa Bliss in "hot" segments

3)Turn Roman heel, aligned with the Usos, dubbed "The Samoan Dynasty" and get interesting babyface underdogs like Bryan and Gable to feud with/feed Roman, and THEN watch your viewership remain consistent and get better with time(months, probably). Roman can be your silent, Stoic, man-of-few-words badass motherfucker WWE champ, while Usos do the talking.

4)Meanwhile you can simultaneously build the stars of the Future, aka Elias, Baron Corbin in your midcard.

I've never liked the Miz, especially in a Wrestling role, but hell, fucking Miz can still be better to watch in talk show segments...only if those segments have some interesting people, you know, like a heel Roman Reigns. And fucking Bailey, Sasha or Charlotte ARE NOT interesting, it doesn't matter if they win 30 women's titles or 75.

5)Also it wouldn't hurt if you skipped on filler trash and women's wrestling garbage and got the Cruiserweight division on Smackdown instead. Ali, Buddy Murphy et al are far better to give 10 minutes of your TV time to, than a bunch of ugly Botch machines in Six-pack challenges.

6)Do stuff with Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Shinsuke Nakamura. Give them a bloody chance and book them consistently and not as some IC champ who's barely booked on PPVs or has had any meaningful feuds.
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Re: The only way Smackdown can survive and thrive.

"interesting people like Roman Reigns"


The people you want to build around, Elias, Corbin, Gable, etc, will do nothing, whether you get rid of the women or not.
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Re: The only way Smackdown can survive and thrive.

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Re: The only way Smackdown can survive and thrive.

I agree.
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Re: The only way Smackdown can survive and thrive.

The only way to get Smackdown to thrive and survive is to bring in as many former MMA guys as possible. Think of all the "legitimacy". Casuals love that.

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Good thread, i agree with everything.
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The old carny writers from the early 90’s are writing the show, what else do you expect?

They need legitimate writers who can write genuine storylines and treat it like a TV show.

Why isn’t there a hook for next week? They don’t even do the elementary.
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Re: The only way Smackdown can survive and thrive.

I dont think there is anything they can do tbh. The wwe roster is extremely dull and uninteresting. Neither is there anything happening in their real lives which can be played off as a real feud, nor is their acting anything to crow about. You can have peak writers with this crop and it still would be quite an average show.

While I agree with your Roman Reigns heel thing, I doubt that is a direction that would change anything. You want ratings which FOX expect, you are not going to get that with the status quo of Roman Reigns standing tall week after week. Like someone above said, buy former MMA guys and maybe there's a chance. Otherwise they're pretty much in the <2mn viewers category.
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Things made sense until you said get rid of women's wrestling and the hesitation on using Miz.
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Re: The only way Smackdown can survive and thrive.

I always thought WWE squandered DB's return way back when. And I do think tapping into him as a strong babyface at the top of the card would help the product. Will it happen? Doubtful.

It seems to me, we've had to deal with Brock as this neverending placeholder until Reigns is ready. And the heat on Reigns has died down, true. But he was always the wrong choice as a lead babyface and that remains the truth.

Don't think "hot" segments would matter. People can find pretty blondes doing much more explicit things easily on the internet.
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