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Corbin losing all the time...

Seriously, what gives? He's supposed to be one of your top heels, yet he never really wins anything. I mean sure, he won against Shorty. Whoop de doo. But against serious competition, he just does not have what it takes.

How can the audience get behind him then? It's the same as with Joe. Talking trash all the time, yet in the end, they're on their back again.

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Re: Corbin losing all the time...

They're not supposed to get behind him.

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Re: Corbin losing all the time...

But...but...but I thought Corbin was being forced down our throats and receiving the monster push to end all monster pushes?

At least thats the rhetoric most of us smarks go with.

Its WWE Logic / WWE Booking. Heels have to be useless jobbers that never win and have zero credibility. I'm pretty sure they have a banner that says that hanging in the creative writers room. Look at the heels in WWE, they're all geeks who constantly get smashed by these annoying super babyfaces.

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Heels are designated to lose to Top Tier Babyfaces this has been established since forever unless it's an exception(Lesnar), Corbin should realistically be your resident Top Heel going off his professional ability to convey an actual dislikable Heel but it's the era of mindless jobbing Heel foils so it's no surprise.
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Re: Corbin losing all the time...

Technically he didn't lose. Nakamura got pinned
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Re: Corbin losing all the time...

It's infuriating. The heels should be stomping local jobbers in 2 minutes every show so you can actually build up to a battle.

I can't imagine Star Wars would have been too exciting if the rebels on the ship in the opening scene kicked Vader's ass so hard he had to retreat.
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Re: Corbin losing all the time...

What heel in WWE wins a lot? It hasn't been that way for a loooooong loooooooooooooooong time. Top heels are the chickenshit archetype, the dummy over confident archetype. The smart psychopathic heels who are competent and good at winning exist in AEW or NXT. Vince likes his heels being buffoonish clowns.

Look at what Corbin is wearing for fucks sake. Clown.
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Re: Corbin losing all the time...

Hey man. He didnt eat the pin tonight! Progress! But yes, it sucks. The company is literally Roman and Seth beating everyone except Brock, rinse, repeat. Beat everyone, go up against Brock, rinse, repeat. Theyre doing Roman vs. Corbin next week so Im assuming it's gonna be Spear, 1 2 3. Would it kill Roman if Corbin got a dastardly win off distraction? No. It would actually help him a lot. But thats not happening. This company is Roman, Seth, and Brock when hes around. Everyone else is just irrelevant and floating around the midcard doing random shit.

How bout RAW going under 2 million viewers? Guess that's still Barons fault lmao.

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Re: Corbin losing all the time...

Corbin loses way too much.
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Re: Corbin losing all the time...

Maybe if their heels were an actual threat and not jokes, they wouldn't be losing fans in their droves.

The only heel who can back up what he says in the ring is Brock and even then he's lost twice to Seth, one of which was to a crippled Seth whose ass he beat to pulp a couple weeks before

Seriously, outside Brock they don't have a single credible heel on the main roster. It's pathetic.

All fodder for Seth and Roman to run through, no wonder attendance and ratings are ass when the obstacles are non existent.
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