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Re: First draft pick

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Absolute Scumbag.
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Re: First draft pick

Sd will pick lesnar

Also they will swap Becky and Charlotte.

Becky is the bigger draw atm and fox wants her

Braun is Probably moving as well. The fury field was started on SD which means fox was behind it.

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Re: First draft pick

Originally Posted by BrahmaBull247 View Post
Iím more confused about the womenís tag titles since they are doing a hard brand split.

Womenís tag champions are supposed to be able to float between all shows, so I think thatíll remain that way.

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Re: First draft pick

WWE is a complete and utter fucking mess.

- There's currently no known rules to the draft. Can champions be drafted? I'd think not, it'd be stupid to swap champions.
- Who the fuck is picking the players and why the fuck do I care about them?? FOX/USA executives? REALLY? They had months of preparation and this is it?
- Do the drafts even mean anything anymore? Do I give a shit that APOLLO CREWS is going to be moved? Fuck no.
- Are PPVS going to be cross branded still? They seem to love to criss cross that shit, but I'd imagine we get cross branded PPVs.
- Woman's Tag Titles still crossing over meaning woman can float anywhere they want lol
- The whole wild card rule being poofed into existence for a few months and now gone

I mean, my God, what a shit hole. It's SO bad I actually miss the utter shit hole days of Stephanie/Mick Foley vs. Shane McMahon/Daniel Bryan. At least that had a story to go by. Now they just spoof shit into thin air. So sad.

Currently, I follow Wrestling for:

Kevin Owens / Sami Zayn / AJ Styles / Shinsuke Nakamura / Bobby Roode / Finn Balor

Bayley (Favourite)/ Sasha Banks / Charlotte / Becky Lynch Asuka Carmella

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Re: First draft pick

They'll do some 1/2 assed crap, hope nobody notices and if it turns to hell in a hand basket they'll implement the wild card rule to attempt to fix it but will make it worse in all likely-hood..
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Re: First draft pick

Originally Posted by sara sad View Post
Becky is the RAW champion. what are they gonna do have her relinquish the belt? that would make her win against Sasha even more bullshit if she's going to SD the same week.

I'm gonna go with Brock that's always a safe bet.
They're likely protecting Becky for future rematch with Ronda (which we all know is coming eventually).

This is probably how they'll get the belt off of Becky without her losing it. It's a Raw championship so she'll be forced to "relinquish" it.
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Re: First draft pick

If real, then it would mean no way does Becky and Seth stay together as Lesnar would be Smackdowns 1st pick whilst Raw would then go for either Seth or Becky and then Smackdown would go for the other thus splitting them up.

Due to being over 2 nights, i can see them doing the boring latest draft style of just having the superstars show up and announce they have been drafted. With this in mind, Smackdown 1st pick/announcement would have to be Becky as she's the only pick that would get a decent pop.

As for Raw, Daniel Bryan or New Day as can't see Lesnar or Reigns moving to Raw. Bryan would be perfect for Raw if all of Vince's current pushed stars like Braun, AJ, Bliss, Reigns, Bray etc. All end up on Smackdown. If they want to keep Kofi at top of card then New Day need a switch to Raw as Kofi isn't going to get near the wwe championship on Smackdown.
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Re: First draft pick

R Truth 20 time 24-7 Champ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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it's a tarp!
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Re: First draft pick

I expect it to go like this..

Smackdown - We pick Brock Lesnar
RAW - We pick Primo Colůn

Smackdown - We pick AJ Styles
RAW - We pick David Otunga

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Re: First draft pick

Smackdown must really be the a show now they could have strarted this Monday but decided to start on Fridays smackdown. Brock will probably be the first pick for smackdown
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