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Re: Why do people think the Fiend would even make a good champion?

He's a attraction more then Champion Material, a bit like early Undertaker. Someone who has big matches but titles aren't involved. I also think Bray isn't that great of a in ring worker, his best singles match is still that Bryan match from Royal Rumble.

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Re: Why do people think the Fiend would even make a good champion?

Wyatt wins the title, I don't think it should have been in October, but maybe Survivor Series or even Royal Rumble. Goes against Undertaker at WrestleMania for the title. A match that showcases Wyatt, and also sort of falls in line with Wyatt name dropping his old rivals. Have him eventually beat Cena (or even Cena returning to win would be "ok" I guess) and then finally at like SummerSlam or something have him lose to Daniel Bryan. Shit would be poetic and an overall excellent feud.

I don't want Wyatt as champion because "hez da bezt champ evur" its because it'd be an interesting story and would require a shake up in the storytelling. They can't just do the generic "I'm here, fighting, everyday, because I'm here, fighting. I'm the champ!!!!" It would have purpose. Wyatt vindicating his past issues by defeating former rivals that got the better of him, only to once again fall to someone he actually did beat in Daniel Bryan. The one guy he has a pretty good history with as well. It'd be a great story, and if anyone can "beat the Fiend" and not have him look like a total chump, it's the best underdog WWE has in a very long time.

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Re: Why do people think the Fiend would even make a good champion?

I want him to be champion because he is, in my opinion, the best overall wrestler in the world. He has the coolest and most interesting character I have seen in a very long time, he is a great actor, badass moveset, the possibilities are endless with him and they have been since he debuted in NXT with his cult leader gimmick. They ruined him then and Iím so upset because I REALLY dont want them to do it again.

He would be a great champion for multiple reasons, letís start with the fact that we havenít had a genuinely interesting title run in a long time (barring Daniel Bryanís recent heel run that didnt last long enough) Bray has two seperate personalities for fuck sake and as champion he could play both to keep the whole thing fresh. Also, look at this long term, if he wins the title now he can carry it all the way to WM as the biggest and strongest heel in the company, being the primary focus of Raw. If they were smart they would start building up the next big Face during that time and by WM you have a super strong Face vs the monster heel. It would put over two people and make the show interesting having an actual fucking fleshed out, interesting character in Bray Wyatt. As opposed to Seth who has no interesting feuds left because every single program heís involved in is exactly the same.

Bottom line, Bray not only deserves a title run but the company, the show, the fans and the industry needs him right now. For the first time in ages I am so excited for a character on the show. It is honestly one of the best gimmicks Iíve ever seen and The Firefly Fun House is some of the best TV they have ever put out. Again, the possibilities are endless. They should build on his vendetta to get revenge on past rivals as well, that on its own makes the entire thing fresh and interesting.

So why do I want The Fiend as champion?? Because Iím a wrestling fan and creativity is in short supply. Heís the best thing going right now and honestly, he has been since he debuted.

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Re: Why do people think the Fiend would even make a good champion?

I don't care much for the guy, but he's over and people are tired of Rollins. So yeah.
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Because 95% of the WWE fan base like larger then life characters and gimmicks.

The other 5% of fans who watch Nxt just want bland work rate vanilla midgets who only appeal to a niche audience
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kobe Re: Why do people think the Fiend would even make a good champion?

There are a lot of people misunderstanding the fundamental point here: the cries for Wyatt to win the title in October didn't heat up until AFTER WWE announced the match. I do believe that Wyatt would be great fun as champion, and I do believe the character is worthy of it, but I wasn't banging the drum for him as champion UNTIL WWE booked themselves into a corner.

I (and a few others) correctly predicted the crippling of the character and the huge fan blowback if Wyatt didn't walk out with the belt, and now WWE is seeing what they have wrought. Their only solution is to just move Wyatt to the other brand and start over, with a flaccid, second-rate attempt at rekindling the character.

Honestly, I don't know what Bray Wyatt did to deserve this crap.

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Re: Why do people think the Fiend would even make a good champion?

There's a reason Andre was never champion and Braun and The Fiend are unlikely to ever win it.
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