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Re: So is Bray Wyatt finished?

I can't get over the fact that they actually had Seth his finish over 10 times, lmao. I doubt even the most retarded outlaw indy show has ever done something that fucking silly. Bray is done now for sure, not only does Vince not have any faith in him, but they've made him cartoony now. He didn't even sell any of it. How fucking stupid is this match going to look in 3 months when Bray is doing clean jobs to upper midcarders after 1 finisher?
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The match ending the way it ended means that Wyatt will get a rematch.

As to if he is finished or not- he will be finished if Vince decides that he is finished .

I do not see any other contenders on Raw that are build enough to challenge for the title so my guess is that this is going to be a longish feud probably ending around the RR.

Last night, baring the dumb finish, established Wyatt as more unstoppable and indestructible that Strowman ever was even during his strongest booked days, however WWE do not have history with continuation .

He may have kicked out on 1 after 20 finishers and a sledgehammer last night, but that doesn’t mean he won’t die after just one F5 from Brock further down the line...
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Re: So is Bray Wyatt finished?

WWE is finished.
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Re: So is Bray Wyatt finished?

I always compared his debut and run with The Wyatt Family to that of The Shields run. When Ambrose, reigns and Rollins came up they were presented as a force of nature. They had the right opponents in there with them to further enhance their strengths as a unit and laid out all the big names in such a short time that they already had credibility by the time Wrestle Mania 29 came around (some 6 months after they debuted)

Now as for vignettes that generated a lot of hype and interest, but and I mean this with all due respect to Kane, but he was the wrong opponent for bray to be in there with in an inferno match which further limits what they can do. He needed someone in there that could bump, fly and sell making him look like a monster. Then from that point the hot and cold treatment hurt his career where fan's started to not take him so seriously.

Fast forward to this soft reboot of Bray and his now moniker as The Fiend, the promos were so effective that the wwe had successfully relaunched him into being one of the most unique and engaging acts in all of wrestling. He has only had one match prior to Hell in a cell under this new persona and yet he is so over that fans want to see him win the title ( a far cry from where he was)

So after all this investment and engagement the last thing you want to do is associate him with a bad finish in the main event. So I won't say killing Bray , but this will certainly hurt his steam and stall all the momentum he was able to generate

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Re: So is Bray Wyatt finished?

No. He will be remembered as a legend when he retires. And he will have many different gimmicks.

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Re: So is Bray Wyatt finished?

Originally Posted by phyfts View Post
No. He will be remembered as a legend when he retires. And he will have many different gimmicks.
Tito Santana is remembered as a "legend". Sgt. Slaughter is remembered as a "legend". Hacksaw Jim Duggan is remembered as a "legend". A lot of guys are remembered as "legends" that aren't top guys, and that's what the fans want and expect out of Bray and that's what he's capable of delivering to them IF Vince gets the fuck out of his way, which he refuses to do.

I'm not interested in Bray Wyatt being a Jake Roberts type "legend", I'm interested in him being an Undertaker, a Savage, a Flair, a guy who mattered.

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Re: So is Bray Wyatt finished?

He isn't finished.

Yes, the booking didn't do him any favors, but it's not as if he showed much weakness or looked beaten at any point. I think the biggest problems with last night's fiasco is that they completely buried one of the most dangerous finishing maneuvers in the company, made the Fiend look way beyond superhuman level which hurts his character so much in the long run, and once again proved that they aren't willing to listen to the fans and put the title on one of, if not the, its hottest acts, no matter what's going on in the wrestling landscape elsewhere. And this is the same company who made a press release the other day after AEW beat them in the ratings that the fans are the ones who won. Yeah, right.

Now, don't mistake anything that I wrote above as me saying that there's hope that they can recapture the Fiend's aura and save his character from inevitable failure. There is no hope as long as Vince is in charge because all these acts very much end the same with him. As much of a trainwreck as last night was, though, booking the Fiend into a championship HIAC match two matches into the gimmick was the worst decision of all. There was no way to logically book this match with him not winning the title and not hurt his character or the prestige of the championship. It was bound to be a disaster from the moment they went with that finish at Clash of Champions, but now they've created a much bigger hole that I don't really have any optimism they'll be able to pull themselves out of creatively speaking.
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Re: So is Bray Wyatt finished?

I think so tbh if we are talking long term here.

Its clear that wwe will not ever regard wyatt as a top star, hes had two fairly hot gimmicks and both have been basically sabotaged by wwe. This fiend gimmick was basically the last bite of the apple imo, wwe were either going to see that he was worth pushing or they would fuck it up.......they fucked it up.

In any other case I would say that only one slip up doesnt matter, but this is bray wyatt, wwe has already dropped the ball many times when it comes to wyatt. This is just another calling card that wwe's thoughts havnt changed, wyatt is a lost cause within wwe. He may not be finished right now but he is heading to that destination sooner or later.

I don't think anyone is going to find success in wwe in 2019 anyway. Even the top stars are hated by the fans. WWE is generally totally lost, they ruin anything they touch. They might not go out of business but they are still dying from a creative standpoint.

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Re: So is Bray Wyatt finished?

We probably won't even see him on TV for a while

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Re: So is Bray Wyatt finished?

Originally Posted by The XL 2 View Post
I can't get over the fact that they actually had Seth his finish over 10 times, lmao. I doubt even the most retarded outlaw indy show has ever done something that fucking silly.
Bray has 10 defense.
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