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Re: Cain looks like shit.

He always looked like that, he not gonna get into shape just because wrestling fans hes getting pushed already by Vince so whats the point.
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Re: Cain looks like shit.

He does look like shit. No matter what anyone says about "WF complaining about everything" and whatnot. Can't deny it.

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Re: Cain looks like shit.

I’m not what you’d call a “size mark” and I don’t think looks are the be-all, end-all, but it’s a whole different ball game when you’re booked to be Lesnar’s superior in terms of physicality and you look like you’re one Golden Corral trip away from rivaling Fat Thor.

Not to the mention the kneebrace It was an awful visual. When multiple people confuse you as a wrestler’s doughy son instead of a tough fighter, there’s a problem.
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Originally Posted by Soul Rex View Post
In before you tell me, "He is a legit fighter", yes I know, I am MMA fan myself, however this is wrestling, in this world not all fans know or give a fuck about MMA, some I am pretty sure it doesn't matter how legit he is in UFC, he comes accross as a big geek next to Lesnar.

Not to mention, Lesnar is roided up to the gills, so he's pretty much a monster in comparision to his natural MMA self who was defeated by Cain, he would kill him right now.

Cain next to get in shape or GTFO.. At least put on some shirt, nig** looks depressing.
I agree I dont understand the "b...but he is legit ufc" "b..but he was like that in ufc" well no shit in ufc you just have to be a good fighter in wrestling perception and presentation matters.
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Re: Cain looks like shit.

Imagine how confused 90% of the audience was when some random bald, flabby man with small arms came out and spooked Brock

I wouldn't be surprised if 90% of people thought it was Dominick Mysterio getting his win back

Cain isn't that famous to casual audiences or wrestling fans. Most people just saw some random dude who could've been Mysterio's storyline brother or some shit

And I'm not a body or a size mark so I don't really care at the end of the day. But I have eyes

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I thought it was Rey Mysterios son shirtless when he came out.

The whole time when I was watch the segment all I could think about was, why does Cain of my body? Isn't Cain a badass UFC fighter? Not a geek shitposting on wrestlingforum.
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Re: Cain looks like shit.

I couldnt give a shiny shite who doesn't know who he is, the wwe audience can learn to use fucking google. Its 2019, most people have that shit on their phone.
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Yep. And not only out of shape but old and like a CAW.

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Re: Cain looks like shit.

Most wrestlers pre WWF steroid era looked like Cain Velasquez so gtfo with that stupid ass argument, seriously how many roofed looking guys are legitimately badass because truth be told most of them are actually pussies

There is plenty of things to shit on Smackdown for but his physique is not one of them
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Re: Cain looks like shit.

He was looking like a cow
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