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Originally Posted by birthday_massacre View Post
WWE is in trouble when Jack Swagger out popped that guy no one even knows who he is.
This is true facts hardly a reaction for the guy and honestly he looked horrible and old and out of shape even though he may be a good fighter I'm just saying perception is everything he look like crap

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Re: The debut of...

A lot of people were excited for Cain Valesquez when they thought he was going to sign with the other company. It's like the fucking twilight zone in here and Twitter this week
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Re: The debut of...

Will cain start wearing a shirt from now on?

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Re: The debut of...

Originally Posted by Seth Grimes View Post
No, because the second Cain steps into the WWE, he enters this world. Why would Brock who is DOMINANT in WWE to the point of crushing champions in seconds, be scared of someone who beat him in a different sport 9 years ago? Just think from your own perspective if someone whooped you irl, then 9 years later you see them again but they really look pretty aged, and they look out of shape. Why would you be scared?

You just gave me a wave of depression thinking about Joe. Dude is probably never getting the title or at least a lengthy run with it, he's 37/38 now I think. I can see what you're saying, but Cain isn't a real MMA fighter any more. He's retired, looking in pretty bad shape, destroyed in his last real fight, and now turning up to WWE possibly taking a spot from someone like Joe.
Because its not like MMA is Basketball and Wrestling is Rugby. They're two combat sports (in theory). What Cain did to Brock in the UFC he can do to him in the WWE. Cain beat Brock down badly and made him look like a joke. Its also Pro Wrestling we're talking about. Barely mobile Hulk Hogan was given World Titles when he was an old man. Ric Flair was whupping people in his 60's. The Undertaker still shows up and lays waste to people.

Cain isn't a real MMA fighter of today. he's fought this year. He's only just "retired" from MMA its not like he's been retired for years.

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Re: The debut of...

When Cain beat Lesnar's ass 9 years ago his body really wasn't much different, maybe a tad bit more fit but no that much, so whos to say he can't beat Lesnar's ass again? some guys just got your number and Lesnar seemingly thinks Cain has his and wants none of him, muscles doesn't always mean you can beat someones ass, Lesnar was bigger than him 9 years ago and still got his ass beat.

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Re: The debut of...

Brock vs Cain is a fucking cool match. Leave it to 2019 WWE fans to be so clueless. Iím actually amazed Vince thought of this. Wrestlemania is the perfect time for this match.

Iím not watching weekly and havenít given wwe money in a couple years but Iíll definitely watch this match when it happens.
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So Brock defends his WWE title to Cain probably? Let that sink in a bit..

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Re: The debut of...

Originally Posted by The Capo View Post
You must not know UFC. Cain is a pretty big name not to mention he wrecked Brock for the heavyweight championship.

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Cain is basically the Buster Douglas of UFC.

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Re: The debut of...

Man who legit beat up Brock shows up. "He's not in shape, I don't believe Brock would be afraid of him or get beat by" -wrestling fan
Silly rabbit, he did beat him. Ignorance is nothing to be proud of and I don't even watch ufc
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Re: The debut of...

I have no clue who the Cain guy is, but it's fairly obvious why Brock was 'afraid' of him.

Commentary summed it up enough for me to get the story. The Cain guy legitimately squashed Brock in the first round for the UFC title, even if he doesn't look intimidating, there's a psychological aspect to it like "oh shit he'll knock me out super easy again'.
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