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C Mac G
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Kofi's Next Challenger

I think many are assuming it's Orton again, but given that they did a completely clean finish, and this feud is DEAD, I don't think that will be the case. Added to the fact we have two cell matches set for HIAC, I don't think they will add on a third.

Who do you think it will be next? My pick is BARON CORBIN, he won KOTR, and for some strange reason, his coronation is taking place on Smackdown. When was the last time Corbin did anything on Smackdown? Seems random as hell. I think it's leading to a title shot at HIAC, and I can't believe I'm saying this, I hope Corbin wins.
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WF's Favorite Son
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Re: Kofi's Next Challenger

Keep him off SDL. Seth and Bork are heading there. He will get buried in the lower mid card if he gets sent there.
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Champ Champs
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Re: Kofi's Next Challenger

King Corbin.

Called this weeks ago - Corbin wins KOTR, beats Kofi for the belt, loses it to a big name on the first Fox show (Roman or Seth)

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Marking for The Boss and The Queen
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Re: Kofi's Next Challenger

If it's not Randy again the only one I can think of is Corbin.

Vince is probably salivating over the heat he would get if he beats Kofi (for the record I don't think people would care that much, in fact most people are getting sick of kofi's run )

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Wrestling fans never learn
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Re: Kofi's Next Challenger

I can see a couple scenarios.

1 - Baron Corbin beats Kofi after the draft and tries to duplicate what King Booker did. I don't necessarily see that.

2 - The Fiend has an indecisive feud with Rollins with a fuck finish, it never gets settled, they bring him to SmackDown and he beats Kofi. I have a hard time believing that because why wouldn't they just do that instead of this? It's Vince, though.

3 - Daniel Bryan randomly wins the title back from Kofi Kingston on a random show, maybe the Fox debut, and the world title is incorporated into this feud with Roman. Possible but unlikely.

4 - Shane McMahon wins the title because FUCK YOU.

or 5 - Brock Lesnar gets drafted, beats Kofi on the first SmackDown show and holds the best hostage until Roman beats him at WrestleMania. Ding ding ding, I think we have a winner.


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Roy "Gambit" Mustang
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I think it will be corbin. Not sure corbin should be wwe champion but if he does beat kofi at least they are putting over someone new and I prefer it to brock winning.

Just don't have him all over the fucking show like he was as GM and actually book him well during it. I have enjoyed Kofi's run unlike most people here but I ain't going to complain if he loses it as he has held it longer then I ever thought possible and he beat Orton which is the one other thing I wanted to pay off what happened 10 years ago.

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Cutting a Shoot Promo To Get Over
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Re: Kofi's Next Challenger

It's going to be a big name (Brock or Roman). They will want a strong champion going into the FOX ERA

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Re: Kofi's Next Challenger

Nah if King Corbin moves to SD, they'll put him in a mid-card feud with Nakamura.

As far as kofi's next challenger's concern, I'd put my bet on Roman. I'd like it even more if he wins it with some help from Usos.
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Re: Kofi's Next Challenger

a high card since its moving to fox. need to bring in the ratings

2.CM Punk
3.Chris Jericho
5.Aj Lee
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Re: Kofi's Next Challenger

If it's Corbin, that's not a feud I'll be paying attention to. It took Randy to get me invested in Kofi as champion because I enjoyed their history and the story. If he's not continuing his rivalry with Orton, I want Big E to turn and feud with him. Corbin vs. Kofi would essentially be two midcarders I don't really care that much about fighting for a world title.
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