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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

I know this is for story line purposes and KO will bounce back aggressively towards Shane. However...the clip I watched on YT made him look like a complete bitch. I don't care if he's trying to keep his job and not get fired. The way it was executed made Owens look like Shane's bitch and nothing else. Awful.

This is how WWE books their wrestlers who sign 5 year contracts? What a waste of the current best performer in the company...

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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

His booking went from Austin 1998 to Foley 2000. I think they are confused.
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Vince/ HHH use to do this stuff all the time with Foley. He did just fine. The goal is to put heat on the heel, add symphathy to the face. Owens is not Austin and an anti authority bad @ who should be driving a monster truck down your throat every time you look at him funny. He's not Foley either and a gullible sap but there is a middle ground where they can hit with this. Owens wanting to protect and support his family is hardly a weakling trait. The question is how does he respond to be fired now?

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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

Another thing Shane was hurt, exhausted and he still managed to beat Owens ass by himself with just a shot from behind, that made Owens look weak as all fuck.

Like now he can't even take Shane by himself when he's hurt? Owens was fresh and Shane just hit him with a weak ass clothesline, and that took Owens out? it took him out on the ground and he was barely able to fight back by just trying to grab Shane's face as if he'd been hit by a fucking chair or something.
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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

Shane on screen and both KO and Gable looking like bitches. All this after enduring Rowan's robotic promo's and another fury of Superman Punches.
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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

Does the story make sense? Sure. Does it make KO look good? Hell no.

KO's a family guy, so losing that amount of money means something to him. So they're telling the story of Shane controlling KO through that and KO having to fight a battle in himself between what he needs to do for his family and what he personally wants to do.

So yeah, it all makes sense.

But when you have KO stunning people left and right and getting really hot as a babyface to then transition to this? It just neuters him. Now because of this nonsense, he has to come back to TV and raise all sorts of hell in revenge to get his momentum back.
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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

This storyline with Shane should have ended at SummerSlam. But for some reason Shane had to regain the upper hand....
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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

He's either going back to NXT, or he'll go back to Raw in the upcoming draft.

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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

It's the WWE. Besides, he was already a loser geek on RAW last year, Vince is just defaulting him back to his original role.
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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

I wish Vince would retire or die or something. Just go away; the show would benefit a lot more without you these days
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