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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

They're burying him.

I mean wtf was that? He actually started helping Shane, and after the match he gets fired and his ass beat by SHANE FUCKING MCMAHON.

How is that not a burial? This is what happens when you get too over.

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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

He just posted numbers of the alphabet matching N. X. T. on his twitter.


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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

Cooling him off
Ace likes this.

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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

Hes being booked by typical WWE, why people get surprised with this? lol, we already got a decade of this format only golden boys get cool booking and Kevin isn't one of them.
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I have a feeling the next draft will involve NXT futures, ie. Gargano will be drafted but stay in NXT until needed. Free agents will be lost to NXT and not just running around between Raw and SD. I doubt Owens goes to NXT, he will move to Raw after a couple weeks.

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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

He was getting hot. Had to cool him down.

Vince doesn't want another Punk or Austin ever who's too big for the company. After Ambrose shrugged off Vince's control completely he's shook.
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Vince got bored of angle clearly. Business didn't move immediately from where it was just like last Owens vs shane angle so he moved onto something else.
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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

Money is his thing, but he refused to got to Saudi Arabia.

Storytelling at it's finest folks.

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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

Originally Posted by SAMCRO View Post
I made a similar thread a while ago talking about how they've made him a bitch, he started out as this rebel without a cause Stone Cold kind of character. Ya know attacking guys, stunning the boss, breaking the rules, then out of the blue he becomes a sniffling little suck up bitch cause he doesn't wanna pay a fine. Its utterly ridiculous how they've ruined his character so fast.

And the money thing is fucking dumb i mean i know its alot of money but in reality he's made a ton of fucking money over the years working there, probably enough to live on the rest of his life, he makes like 2 mill a year i think it was, so he shouldn't be acting as if he and his family are gonna be out on the streets if he gets fined that money.
Please don't mention Stone Cold in comparison with Kevin Owens. Owens cannot even hold a candle to Austin, he's already turned the stunner into a joke. The fact that WWE even try and make the comparison themselves already lowers Owen's own stock.

The fact is, his whole face run has been horrible, Owen isn't a face, he's a great heel but him being all 'I love my family and I fight for them and I wanna support them' no one wants to hear that BS. This Owens seems so forced, his promos are god awful, turn him back heel for the love of god he's stinking up the joint worse than Shane is. It;s a total turn off, Kevin Owens has literally got to Stephanie McMahon levels of actually turning the channel whenever he comes on.

WWE have committed character assassination on Kevin Owens since his face turn. And no sir, I don't like it.

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Re: WTF are they doing with KO?

Got yourself over? Are you not the chosen one? Do you have the look that I want in a FOTC? Well god damn it, I will bury you instead! Book you to look like a pathetic fool against my son Shane! That will destroy your momentum!

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