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What to do with Randy Orton

For a long time now, Randy Orton has been almost forgotten as a WWE Superstar. He just floats from one meandering storyline to another - sometimes as a face, sometimes as a heel - and he never gets any real momentum going toward another big push. At this rate, he almost seems to have one foot out the door.

What do you think can be done to make Orton really relevant and interesting again?

I think one idea would be to form a "New Evolution" stable with Orton as its leader. It would be a full circle thing for Orton, who started out as the young up and coming star under Triple-H's guidance. Now he can lead his own heel team.

The New Evolution would include Lashley, EC3, Chad Gable/Jason Jordan and Sonya Deville.

What do you think?
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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

Nothing can be done.
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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

Before you do anything with Orton, he has to be invested enough to pull it off. He's been phoning it in for a few years now, with the occasional moment where he seems to give it his all.

I think he's at a stage now where he's making so much money, he's just said "fuck it" in more ways than one. At this rate, just send him home. He seems to be over wrestling.

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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

I'm a big Randy fan but I think it's time for him to take a backstage role, stay off TV for a while, come back for one last farewell run and retire.

He's done it all. No need to force him into spots.
He's already in an awkward position.

Instant HOFer, time to get outta here tho.

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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

No I don't like the idea, especially with who you named.

Lashley has been around a few years shorter than Orton why would he want to learn under Orton

Gable next to Orton isn't believable in that role. Gable is a good wrestler, but who's buying him as Ortons protege.

Why the fuck would he get Sonya DeVille.
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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

I was disappointed with his Kofi match after a good build. I just think he will be stuck in this limbo unless something really lights a fire under his ass.
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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

Either convince him to wrestle entertaining matches that aren't phoned in, or simply retire. He's got nothing to prove anymore, and I don't want to keep being terminally bored by big Randy matches over and over and over again.
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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

I don't think there's anything you can do, he's checked out and has been for at least 2 years.

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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

13 time world champ.
two time tag-champ.
IC champ.
US Champ.

What else is there to do?

Maybe they can chuck him into doing RKO outta nowhere skits with 24/7 title.

Actually that would be funny and probably wont happen.

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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

He needs to be protected more. Compared to a lot of the roster the guy is a beast. When he first debuted he had the height but he's filled out now and looks like monster. His really cocky promo against Kofi was very good and he should keep that sort of promo moving forward. He should definitely lose the "Three most devasting letters..." catchphrase. That's very annoying.

If they keep him strong with lots of wins he could be this generations Undertaker. What I mean by that is roll him out 4 or 5 times a year for a big specitle match of sorts. I know he's not on a level of an Undertaker, but with all his accoldaes now WWE need to position him as such.
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