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Brock Lesnar is in need of a worthy opponent. They should have him and Randy restart their rivalry from 2016 in a vicious series of increasingly hellacious matches.
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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

Beat Kofi and feud with Reigns
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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

Honestly, he has tons of talent but he's very bland. People say Triple H is the B+ player, but Orton fills that slot better than anyone ever. He has a great look, a good moveset, lots of charisma in some ways, but never quite reached the apex like other superstars. They've invested so much in him over the last 15 years that he should be one of the greatest of all time, but in reality, he's only that status on paper.
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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

yeah i agree in that there's not really anything you can do. He's been around for TOO long in the WWE. He's been generally healthy, always around, and has accomplished everything.

Leader of a faction, well.. he's done that already with Legacy. He's been a face, heel, stooge, hero, etc.

If I was running WWE Orton is doing jobs pretty much 90% of the time. You can eventually do a redemption story. OR it's tag team time. Either with another legend or someone young. Keeping this feud with Kofi going is fine, but after he loses this, i mean.. that's it. I dont want to see Orton do anything.

the brand split sucks
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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

The problem with Randy is that he only delivers when he's motivated to do so. I think the best thapp NFL would be Randy to have opponents he'd want to wrestle and then you see him at his best . Him and Aleister Black would be good.

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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

Orton is best used when he isn't on the mic. often and just "RKO Outta nowheres" people, giving zero fucks. He still looks like more of a star than a large chunk of the roster.

His best moments on the mic. in the last few years is when he is deeply engaged in a feud that has some history behind it for him to care more about. He was gold on the mic. vs. AJ Styles and Kofi. Otherwise, any other feud that is involved in is probably not exciting for him at this point late in his career.

Orton isn't a leader for groups and they shouldn't try doing that again. He is a guy that stays solo, unless he wants to get revenge and pretends to be the friend of his enemy like he did with Wyatt.

Supporting Charlotte Flair and Tessa Blanchard!

Also Hangman Page, Lacey Evans, Braun Strowman, AJ Styles and many others.
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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

Intergender matchs.

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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

Ask him want he wants to do, and if that is in reason let him do it. If you make him do something he doesn't want to he will just mail it in and enough WWE product has that "mailed in" vibe to it arleady..
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Re: What to do with Randy Orton

He's become this "loner" now and can't see anything else for him. Maybe have Shane "hire" him and let Orton hit KO with an RKO just out of the blue during a promo.
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Originally Posted by Jazminator View Post
For a long time now, Randy Orton has been almost forgotten as a WWE Superstar. He just floats from one meandering storyline to another - sometimes as a face, sometimes as a heel - and he never gets any real momentum going toward another big push. At this rate, he almost seems to have one foot out the door.

What do you think can be done to make Orton really relevant and interesting again?

I think one idea would be to form a "New Evolution" stable with Orton as its leader. It would be a full circle thing for Orton, who started out as the young up and coming star under Triple-H's guidance. Now he can lead his own heel team.

The New Evolution would include Lashley, EC3, Chad Gable/Jason Jordan and Sonya Deville.

What do you think?
Why in the Jimini Jones would Orton want a abysmal jobber like EC3, Maria’s more credible than EC3

Lashley isn’t going play a lackey, Jordan’s retired and I’ve no idea who the other guy is...

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