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Definitely not that amazing sorry to burst your bubble
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Re: This Roman Reigns storyline has been amazing

Knowing people on this forum it doesn't matter who is revealed as being behind it people will complain.
"We don't want to see The Rock return, especially as Hollywood Rock... BOOOOOOO"
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Re: This Roman Reigns storyline has been amazing

This is good by WWE standards. In 2003 every story was like this, even midcarders would get stories like this, done better.

Standards have really fallen and we're starved for intrigue so I'll take it. But it's not amazing, no
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So far Reigns and Bryan don’t have a match for SummerSlam!

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I was interested until I found out who it was. I did one don’t care about Bryan vs Roman. I don’t know why so many people want to see that. I guess probably cause the card for Summerslam is that shitty this year. Also, the whole angle would’ve been way better if they played this off after Summerslam giving it more build and intrigue, but whatever.
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Bah Gawd Rowan is the mystery driver!!

Thoughts on Rowan being revealed? I thought it be Murphy or Braun
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Re: This Roman Reigns storyline has been amazing

I didn't like that Buddy Murphy finally got air time only to look like a bitch but Roman did look like a badass at the same time
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Re: This Roman Reigns storyline has been amazing

man kinda wishing they dragged it out a bit more. i thought it was pretty good,.
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Re: This Roman Reigns storyline has been amazing

It's so amazing that we've gone past the go home show for SummerSlam and one of, if not the biggest star in the company doesn't even have a match yet. They're literally going to announce this AT SummerSlam like they did with Undertaker vs Cena.

The segment where the crap fell on him was hilariously bad and the segment where the car tried to run him down, ran head first into his car and when they come back, Romans car isn't even dented was worse than a Russo angle. The attention to detail is PITIFUL.

Current day Vince has to be the worst booker in the history of wrestling. I can't even imagine somebody else. He has gone beyond the realms of normal human stupidity. Nothing makes sense, nothing matters, nothing connects to anything else that happens, nothing is over, and anybody who attempts to elevate this WOAT material is buried for their efforts. I really wish this company were capable of going out of business so we could have the #1 promotion in the world be a company that isn't ashamed to be a pro wrestling company and knew how to use talent and tell proper wrestling stories. That'd be so refreshing for a change. And because Vince refuses to step down, we probably have 30 more years of this nonsense before Triple H takes over, by which point, he'll be as old as Vince and probably just as crazy.
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These people are lobbying for an Emmy award, and of course the year they're lobbying for an Emmy, it's just one screw up after another.

I mean, can you imagine, uh.. If I were on the committee determining whether the WWE should even be in contention for an Emmy, like I'm watching this crap with Roman on Youtube and it's like "are you kidding me?". I'm like insulted that they even asked.

This stupid stuff falling on him. I don't know why this sticks with me so much, okay.. but when the stuff fell on Roman, first off they did like 50 camera cuts in a 2 second period which was beyond infuriating like you'd never see that on any show that ever got an Emmy.

There was 55 camera cuts and as god as my witness, if you can prove me wrong I'd love to be proven wrong but I'm not going to be proven wrong, there is one shot of Roman flat on his back, arms and legs outstretched and all of this crap is on top of him for a split second. He's squished.. so 2 seconds later the camera goes around the other side and he's standing up and he says "It missed" or something like that like it didn't even hit him. I'm like dude there was a shot of you squished now you're saying it didn't hit you.. like who is putting this crap together?

Imagine if you're walking somewhere and a ton of crap falls on you and I guess it misses or whatever... but are you just going to stand there and go "dude, I'm fine uce. I'm alright, I'm just going to walk the other way now". What? How about you maybe look around to see who maybe dropped all this crap on you or maybe look around to see if anyone else got hurt or any natural human reaction. We got none of that from Roman Reigns.

Then there's the car thing where he gets smashed by a car but then they go to commercial and come back and the car ain't smashed and it's like are you kidding me? The most basic of all continuity errors. Car smashes into car, after commercial - car not smashed. WHAT!?

It's bad, it's bad. It's not even bad wrestling, it's bad anything. It's bad any form of entertainment. There's no form of entertainment that is not, that is.. that is like.. I don't know. This sucked. What do you want me to say?


@Chrome don't remove this, it was hilarious listening to this Alvarez rant.
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