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Ric Flair 2 12.50%
WALTER 2 12.50%
Aleister Black 1 6.25%
Velveteen Dream 1 6.25%
Bobby Roode 1 6.25%
Chad Gable 1 6.25%
EC3 2 12.50%
Johnny Gargano 2 12.50%
Apollo Crews 1 6.25%
Drew McIntyre 2 12.50%
Kyle O'Reilly 2 12.50%
Tommaso Ciampa 2 12.50%
Ricochet 1 6.25%
Pete Dunne 1 6.25%
Roderick Strong 1 6.25%
Matt Riddle 1 6.25%
Elias 2 12.50%
Matt Hardy 2 12.50%
R-Truth 3 18.75%
Erick Rowan 1 6.25%
Bray Wyatt 1 6.25%
AOP 1 6.25%
Mustafa Ali 2 12.50%
Mojo Rawley 1 6.25%
Adam Cole 1 6.25%
Luke Harper 2 12.50%
Xavier Woods 2 12.50%
Kofi Kingston 2 12.50%
Big E 2 12.50%
Usos 1 6.25%
Jinder Mahal 1 6.25%
Revival 1 6.25%
Steve Austin 3 18.75%
The Rock 1 6.25%
Hulk Hogan 1 6.25%
Undertaker 3 18.75%
Sting 2 12.50%
Buddy Murphy 1 6.25%
Cedric Alexander 1 6.25%
Drew Gulak 1 6.25%
Tony Nese 1 6.25%
Brian Kendrick 1 6.25%
Akira Tozawa 1 6.25%
Lio Rush 1 6.25%
TJP 1 6.25%
Jack Gallagher 1 6.25%
Trish Stratus 1 6.25%
Lita 2 12.50%
Victoria 2 12.50%
Molly Holly 2 12.50%
AJ Lee 1 6.25%
Melina 1 6.25%
Bianca Belair 2 12.50%
Shayna Baszler 2 12.50%
Naomi 2 12.50%
Chyna 1 6.25%
Alicia Fox 2 12.50%
Dana Brooke 2 12.50%
Dakota Kai 1 6.25%
Candice LeRae 1 6.25%
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Re: Rate the Current Superstar: Roman Reigns edition

Look/Presence - 9/10
In-ring ability - 7.5/10
Charisma - 8/10
Mic skills - 7/10
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Re: Rate the Current Superstar: Roman Reigns edition

look/presence: 9 He does have a good look like there is a reason Vince likes him as much as he does and this is it right here

in-ring ability: 7.5 He isn't on the level of some of the more workrate oriented guys but he is easily good enough to hold his own with them and as long as the styles mesh properly he's actually capable of having a good match with the less impressive talents (though sometimes he does have his stinkers dude has no chemistry with Brock for instance or really Drew for that matter the latter being quite surprising)

Charisma: 8 Say what you want about him but he does have something to him he's not the charisma vacuum that a lot of people call him he can hold attention pretty well if not in a shitty situation and can come across actually really well if given any shred of decent booking (which he almost never is)

Mic skills: 7 Still his weakest area though he has improved a lot in this area in particular when promos are kept short and sweet though he's really still not suited to the longform traditional WWE starting promo.

Overall if WWE didn't drop the ball try to pick it back up but instead accidentally kicked it down a cliff then threw a rock that knocked it down into the abyss and then blocked off the entrance just to make sure it can't be picked up again Roman would actually be a great main eventer if not quite top guy talent wise rather than the incredibly hated and ridiculously overpushed before he was ready talent he became.
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#1 Somamaniac
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Re: Rate the Current Superstar: Roman Reigns edition

Look/Presence: 09/10

In-Ring: 08/10

Charisma: 08/10

Mic Skills: 06/10

All Time Favourites:
Kazuchika Okada, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Eddie Guerrero, Toshiaki Kawada, Daniel Bryan, Kensuke Sasaki & Shinya Hashimoto

I write things sometimes. Always Wrestling related, obviously.
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F*** This indy flippy shit
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Re: Rate the Current Superstar: Roman Reigns edition

Look/Presence - 8/10. This is his claim to fame. Although I think his physique is overrated. I’m not overly impressed with his muscle mass/definition. The women love him though.

In-ring ability - 5/10. Extremely boring move-set. The Superman Punch is C level MMA at best.

Charisma - 2/10. At least Cena was charismatic, Reigns is a dud. Probably his biggest flaw.

Mic skills - 4/10. His delivery is your standard wwe memorized promo. His lines though are some of the worst ever. Just absolutely corny as fuck.

I didn’t mind Reigns as the silent assassin/enforcer role during the early Shield days, but as the new Cena. GTFO, Cena sucked too but at least he had charisma and could talk.
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Re: Rate the Current Superstar: Roman Reigns edition

Looks / presence 9/10

In Ring Ability 7/10

Charisma 5/10

Mic Skills 5/10

He's Vince's favorite after Brock , I'm happy he got over the big c. I'm actually looking forward to him and Undertaker kicking Drew and Shane all over , drew has really dropped recently talks a good game.

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Luis Antonio Sanchez/TBA

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Soon to be over
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Re: Rate the Current Superstar: Roman Reigns edition

Look/Presence: 9
In-Ring Ability: 7.5
Charisma: 7
Mic Skills: 7
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WF's Favorite Son
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Re: Rate the Current Superstar: Roman Reigns edition

Look/Presence: 10/10

In-Ring Ability: 8/10

Charisma: 8/10

Mic Skills: 7/10
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I will make something truly astonishing!
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Re: Rate the Current Superstar: Roman Reigns edition

Look/Presence: 6 - the Shield gear should'a been berried a long, long time ago. Give him a fresh look and wash off the stink a bit. That detracts from what otherwise is a good 'WWE' look.

In-Ring Ability: 4 - painting by numbers. Sell, pretend he's choking for no apparent reason, wankfist - spear - meh. OK at what he does, but it's not exciting.

Charisma: 2 - managed to fail despite having his balls gently cupped by Vince's loving hands for 6 or 7 years. sad really.

Mic Skills: 2 - delivers everything without passion. Simply shouting BITCH at people does not a good promo make. Been absolutely owned by anyone above average unless they've not been allowed to speak.
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Re: Rate the Current Superstar: Roman Reigns edition

Look/Presence - 8/10
In-ring ability - 5/10
Charisma - 4/10
Mic skills - 5/10
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Angry at refs
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Re: Rate the Current Superstar: Roman Reigns edition

Look/Presence: 6.5/10
In-ring ability: 4/10
Charisma: 3/10
Mic skills: 3/10
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Last edited by Lorromire; 07-12-2019 at 11:07 AM. Reason: I keep editing because, tbh, Idk. I'm feeling generous but then I feel like he deserves lower numbers?
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