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Re: Otis Potential Big Star

I love Otis but he is a comedy character. If he ever makes it to a title match it will be as a comedy character or to take a pin. Still, I think he can be legit in the tag division and get a run or so in the mid card.

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Re: Otis Potential Big Star

Maybe if he stops copying the New Day cock thruster dance first

Or maybe New Day stops first cuz Otis is couuuoooouuummmmmin!
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Re: Otis Potential Big Star

He's a money maker midcard/upper midcard act for a long time if neither party doesn't goof it up and he doesn't get the injuries rolling. He'd be that perfect guy who can be a tag champ, IC champ or US champ and you'd buy it because he's strong and DUMMY THICC and credible against any of these tiers of guys if they book him strong. Tucker is underrated, too. Its a nice organic tag team. Big star as in heavyweight champ run of any substantial duration? Eh, maybe 3 years or so down the line if they book him strong enough they can give him Kofi's booking now and have OTISMANIA RUNNIN' WILD.

I don't think he ever becomes UC though.
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Re: Otis Potential Big Star

His look is super marketable, what are you guys talking about? He's a walking talking viral meme waiting to happen. Can we stop talking about potential stars as if they all have to look like big chiseled dudes? That was barely even true in 1999 and it sure as hell ain't true now.

His unique look and physical charisma and overall weirdness could take him very far
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I like Otis he's funny and is pure gold as a comedy character, He's Midcard material at best maybe the next R-Truth maybe not.

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Re: Otis Potential Big Star

Strowmans feats of strength isn't fake his legit competed in strongman competitions. Also the double suplex spot is a pretty standard big man spot not all that impressive.

But yes the man's a future midcard star
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Re: Otis Potential Big Star

He's fun, but no. Not main event material. I actually have trouble understanding what he's saying most of the time, and honestly I think casual fans too. They react to him when he speaks but kinda frostily. It's like "yaaay Otis let's cheer, wait what is he even saying?"

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Re: Otis Potential Big Star


He's super funny as a Chris Farley sort of character, natural comedic charisma. But that's it. And that's enough.

The middle and bottom of the card has to be filled with quality entertaining people too. I think sometimes people get too obsessed with the idea that being at the top of the card means you're the only one with value to the show.
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Re: Otis Potential Big Star

Otis has had better chances as well as better exposure so I guess that's why there's potential for him.

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Re: Otis Potential Big Star

This should lead to Tucker eventually turning on him due to jealousy that he is taking all the spotlight.
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