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Re: 7/9 SmackDown Live Thread

KO's promo was fantastic. The guy should get an extended babyface run now, and make him an actual badass face (remember how to do those WWE)?

Otis and DB were good as well.

Nikki and Bayley was ok, but there'd better be a good payoff to all of this in the end. And no way in Hell should Bayley lose on Sunday.

Nakamura winning was cool, but it'd have meant more if it was an actual title match.

Black vs. Cesaro could be a cool match. I just wish that there'd have been a more interesting way to get there.

Still way too much Shane.

Asuka & Kairi had better actually get to win those damn belts after being jerked around so much by the booking for months now.


Overall, better than Raw.
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Re: 7/9 SmackDown Live Thread

1. I love Kevin Owens in full on furious face ranting mode.

2. It feels like forever since I've seen Nakamura. I was pushing for Balor to win cause I'm a huge fan of his but that match was awesome and I'm not remotely mad about Nakamura winning.

3. I hope Nikki Cross pins Baylet at Extreme Rules.

4. Why do the Iiconics still exist?

5. They've somehow managed to make the SmackDown Tag Team Titles interesting again, mainly thanks to the New Day being awesome and Bryan's epic heel promo work. Still don't give a fuck about Heavy Machinery though.

6. Maybe it's because I'm a huge fucking mark for the guy but I still legit find Ali's pre-taped promos one of the best parts of the show whenever they're on. The dude just oozes personality and charisma in them and I really wish they'd actually fucking let him wrestle on TV again sometime soon because the dude needs to get pushed and hard. He's one of the best fucking talents they've got at this point, keeping him only on pre-taped promos is a massive disservice to the guy.

7. ... okay Aleister Black vs Cesaro should be pretty fucking kick-ass.

8. The fuck are they even doing with Shelton Benjamin any more?

9. Seriously, love Kevin Owens.

10. Gotta end the final SmackDown before Extreme Rules with SuperReigns overcomin dem odds I guess.... sigh.
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Re: 7/9 SmackDown Live Thread

This is my fucking point, it took WWE to book Nakamura SEMI GOOD ONCE for him to start looking somewhat legitimate, just proves they book people like bullshit on purpose. So easy to see why the WWE has sucked for the last 3years + aside from a few things. They COULD be the best company in the world, but having monopoly makes them just not give a fuck, hopefully this changes going forward
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alexa = greatest of all time!
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Re: 7/9 SmackDown Live Thread

kevin owens rant on shane getting too much tv time blissed me off.

it's wwe saying "what I'm doing is wrong, I know it's wrong but I'm going to do it anyway."

also go nikki! full steam ahead to ER where I'm sure you will have a helping hand in lexi's domination of bayley.

number 1 fan of The Face Of WWE™ alexa

Suffering from incurable Bliss Fever ❤️❤️❤️

Alexa Bliss - global megastar, Tag team Champion, future first ballot hall of famer and Undisputed SD and RAW champ. watch out becky, shes gonna take your crown.

(sigh) oh, Alexa, how magnificent you are. Don't you ever get tired of being so perfect?

I also support BlissCross, the current tag team champs her and Nikki!
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Re: 7/9 SmackDown Live Thread

Strong episode in my book.

I never agree with having champions pinned in one-on-one matches on TV, nor am I a fan of giving away feature matches for free, but it was about making Nakamura strong again and reminding people how good and vicious he can be, so I was fine with him beating Finn. Good outing for Shinsuke, he looked like a fucking pit bull out there.

Kevin Owens as the new Stone Cold against Shane feels like a rehash of Austin/McMahon, but if the endgame is getting Shane off TV and pushing Owens up the card as the star that he should be, then I'm cool with it. Great promo from KO at the start and the Stunner at the end even got the nod from Austin himself on Twitter. Will they make reference to their 2017 feud that culminated in a Cell match, or are we supposed to forget it?

Nikki Cross continues to be more likable than Bayley, who feels like a nothing champion. I hope Alexa takes the gold Sunday or else Charlotte returns from her apparent exile to save us from this bland Bayley run.

Loved Joe's promo, he continues to show that he's probably the best on the mic in WWE. I know there's little to no hope that he wins the title on Sunday, but if he and Kofi are given some solid time in the ring, maybe he can use the platform to wake up management and show he deserves to be kept in the main event scene. The guy is just too fucking good to let him squander in the mid card. Best foot forward, you know?

Looks like those reports of Cesaro being Black's opponent were true. Should be a great match that I expect Black to win because he's the debuting superstar, or rather RE-debuting in a sense because he's been out of the ring on TV since Mania. I know some expected it to be Randy Orton, but honestly, Orton should not lose whatever his next PPV match is because he's coming off a big, clean win in a great match against HHH in Saudi Arabia, which should be capitalized on. If Kofi survives Joe on Sunday, I wouldn't be surprised to see Orton return and go up against him at Summerslam.

That double suplex from Otis on Bryan and Woods was a gem of a spot, even if it didn't look amazing to the naked eye. Typically, a double suplex is just a straight somersault over to the mat with no delayed vertical theatrics, simply because the risk of something going wrong is so high. Big props to Otis for pulling it off and making it look good while keeping his co-workers safe!

Only real downer of the show was no Taker to make the final sell for the tag match on Sunday, and Reigns has never done a lengthy promo with his thoughts on he and Taker teaming up. Shane and Drew have done almost all the talking in this build, which is BS.

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Re: 7/9 SmackDown Live Thread

*I like them when they do different thing to start the show. And KO and DZ brawling in the parking lot is a good example of that. KO honking the horn behind Ziggler and interrupting his promo is perfect for Owens. It's an asshole thing to do, but it's also charming when he does it.

And that opening lead in perfectly to the next segment in the building. KO all of a sudden is the new "voice of the voiceless". You can compare it to Punk or nt. Personally I don't care. I believe everything Owens said and there are few that can convey that to a live crowd like Owens can and get the pop he can. In 2 weeks they've made Owens into a hot commodity.

*Balor and Nakamura had a good match. Nakamura looked on his game which you can't always say. The big thing about this match was Naka pretty much dominated towards the end. He beat up Balor so much and tried to just leave him outside 3 times on the outside. Balor showed heart by still getting back in the ring, but Shinsuke finally put him away for a big win.

So this was booked well as far as Naka goes. But I don't understand why Naka couldn't have done this against someone like Ali in a #1 Contender's match to keep the champions strong.

*Nikki is making the most of the mic time she's gotten lately. I wouldn't say she's really good yet, but she's improving more and more every time she's out there. And while I don't to see Bayley vs. Alexa again, the idea of a 1 on 2 Handicap match with Nikki thinking she could be become a co champion wiht Alexa and the possibility of a "friend" helping Bayley at least gives you some options going into Sunday.

*Hey! Paige, Asuka, and Kairi still exist. I'm shocked. I'll just say Peyton and Billie slightly entertain me in their own quirky way and Paige added at least a little bit of heat to this situation. Summerslam Pre Show, here we come.

*If Big E ever turns heel, I will be so disappointed that we won't have this Big E anymore. Dude is so naturally funny. Bryan comes out and does his thing. He's great and building his opponents up, like calling New Day some of the best athletes in the business but also still making sure to call them jokes. That's the mark of a great heel. The segment goes down a bit when Tucker starts talking. I mean don't me wrong, he's fine. But not at the level of the other guys. Otis though is still a treasure.

And onto the match, Otis is the man. He did a double Stalling Vertical Suplex on Bryan and Xavier. That is scary strength. And speaking of scary strength, Xavier hitting the Military Press into the Gutbuster on Bryan shows how versatile he is. Happy Otis got the win.

*The Black/Cesaro reveal segment was so corny and cheesy, but in a good way. The variety of emotions Black showed from anger, disappointment, excitement, etc. it was just so funny to watch him throughout the whole thing. Same for Cesaro. Again, why this match needed to be held off for months, I don't know. And yes I realized WWE probably didn't know the guy months before.

*Reigns vs. Zigler was solid for how long it lasted. This is one of the few times where SD having to end right at 10:00 worked in their favor. All in 2 minutes you had Reigns delivering a Super Dive, Shane distracting Roman, Dolph delivering a Superkick, Owens hitting the surprise Stunner on Shane, and Reigns ending it with a Spear on Dolph and the show barely ending in time with a hot crowd with the camera panning between Owens in the crowd and Reigns in the ring.

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Re: 7/9 SmackDown Live Thread

Ali should be wrestling on S.D. and be giving a title shot. Why waste such a talent like that? Samething their doing with Riccochet on Raw shold be done with Ali on SD. ALi vs Benjamin could be an awesome feud for starters prior to moving onward.
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