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Why not Ziggler and Miz?

So Ziggler was supposed to feud with Ali and KO was doing something with Sami but Ali had a minor surgery and Sami is possibly off for a while too(??).
Miz has been floating around for a while and just pops on Shane's way every once in a while to be the punching bag. Why not pair Zigman and Miz together? They have history, plus one hates Shane and the other has beef with Drew?
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Re: Why not Ziggler and Miz?

I always thought Ziggler and Miz should pair up. Ziggler is the better wrestler and Miz better in the mic, plus they're really good friends in real life. At the moment though , they are in very separate directions so a pairing seems unlikely.

I feel really sorry for the Miz. Seems like his face turn was done to become Shane's bitch

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Re: Why not Ziggler and Miz?

Been saying it for years. Could throw in Ryder, a returning JoMo if you wish.

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Re: Why not Ziggler and Miz?

Just fearing the bromance team name. Miggler?
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Re: Why not Ziggler and Miz?

They'd be a great pairing. Miz has worked really well with everyone he's ever been paired up with, usually the pairing exceeds all expectations as well, I mean look how good Miz and Shane were together.

Miz and Ziggler have a boatload of chemistry working together as well being friends in real life. It'd be a 1000 times better than this weird never ending, but sometimes dropped, sometimes SmackDown exclusive feud he has with Shane going on where he's just trotted out every now and then to be fed to Shane and his cronies to save Roman from taking a beatdown.
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Re: Why not Ziggler and Miz?

Miz is far too good to be teaming with Ziggler.
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Re: Why not Ziggler and Miz?

did you learn nothing from all of shane mcmahons career. he and stephanie both will stop at nothing to make themselves the focus of a feud. the team shane and drew fight against have to be as dull as possible to make sure only shane gets reactions.

shane has feuded with, who, Steve Blackman? a post-unmasking Kane who had lost all his mystique by then? an ancient undertaker who looks like a fool every time he wrestles now? cody rhodes and ted dibiase? you don't think choosing these boring opponents is on purpose? he HAS to be "the star". the Angle match was about the only one where he put anyone else in the spotlight.

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Re: Why not Ziggler and Miz?

Because Ziggler is still not done bitching about something...
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Re: Why not Ziggler and Miz?

Miz doesn't need Ziggler dragging him down.
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Re: Why not Ziggler and Miz?

I feel we have seen that already, or am I wrong?
Their team could be called ShowMiz Oh, wait.. Miz already had that one..
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