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Re: Is Roman Reigns Push Over ??

Listen to the way that they are made to talk about him on commentary. Of course his push isn't over!! Vince is still just as hard for Roman as he ever was, if not more.

The angle they have been pushing on him for a while now is the ultimate underdog. It's laughable, but it's true

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Re: Is Roman Reigns Push Over ??

Sure pal.

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Re: Is Roman Reigns Push Over ??

I wonder if he wins WWE Universal or WWE World Championship again ??
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Re: Is Roman Reigns Push Over ??

Nah, he just can't get back into either world title scene right now because both are held by babyfaces. I expect he'll be back on top by the time the show moves to FOX. No way Kofi Kingston is going to be the face of the 'new' Smackdown.

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Re: Is Roman Reigns Push Over ??

Originally Posted by prosperwithdeen View Post
They're just taking a break because putting him up against Kofi would equal instant boos. He will be champion again before they move to FOX.
Putting him against Kofi would make Kofi white hot, hopefully they're stupid enough to do this.
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Re: Is Roman Reigns Push Over ??

Roman Reigns Heavyweight Title "Reigns"

WWE Title
Less than 1 Day (wins and then Sheamus cashes in at the event he wins it at)
41 days
77 Days

118 recognized WWE days

UC reign
64 days (relinquished due to illness)

Roman Reigns got a lot more time to shine than time shining on the top. For all the people saying Reigns is force fed, I wish he had his big reign already and we had it out of our systems.

This is really the Brock Lesnar era. The Shield are only placeholders for Brock, they occasionally get to keep the belt warm for him, but that is it. All things considered, Kevin Owens of all people has more days as heavyweight champ than Reigns while Lesnar has been a heavyweight champion for nearly 900 since his return to the WWE! A 200+ day WWE reign and a more than 500 day reign as UC! Brock Lesnar's shortest reign as a heavyweight champion is nearly as long as every reign Roman Reigns has had put together! Furthermore, Brock has MITB and is all but assured to be a heavyweight champion again!

WWE isn't so keen on Roman Reigns as people think, if that were the case, Brock wouldn't have had so many belts for so long. The booing really has given them cold feet time and time again. He will get the belt, and get it soon enough, but he'll drop it again in under 6 months. I just don't think its going to work, he's going to get boos, and then it will be back on somebody new again. I would not be surprised to see Shane McMahon have a 90 day heavyweight run before Reigns has a 90 day or longer run, which is crazy to say, but its definitely possible.

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Re: Is Roman Reigns Push Over ??

I hope he beats that fruitcake for the title
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Re: Is Roman Reigns Push Over ??

Big Dog push never gonna end. They just had him on ESPN for Christ's sake. I've grown to appreciate Roman and if I decide to go to Raw on the 22nd I will be cheering for him. Last time I saw him live I booed him to hell with the rest of Philly. Roman being stuck with Shane is actually annoying. His hoss battles with Braun were fun.
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Re: Is Roman Reigns Push Over ??

Until WrestleMania season begin I guess
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Re: Is Roman Reigns Push Over ??

And he will continue to cut boring promos Vince gives him if he is the face of Smackdown. I don't care if the WWE gets edgy, he will be booked as the same pandering pussy John Cena was!
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