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Re: Did we forget Shane McMahon's history?

Disrespecting the BITW.
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Re: Did we forget Shane McMahon's history?

Originally Posted by 619Animal View Post
I do agree that he is getting a bit too much TV time but why do we all act like he's not credible? This is a guy who competed against the likes of HHH, The Rock, Big Show, Kane, Chris Jericho, Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Shawn Michaels and among many more names.

Shane McMahon was always treated like the star that he was/is, and was always a main eventer mixing it up with the aforementioned so why can't he beat someone like the Miz when he tore it up with much more credible talent in the past? I just don't get it. At least the guy can actually talk smooth, with intelligence and he was always a cool guy. Don't get all the hostility.
He was young back then and was working with legit bigger than life stars. But now old man Shane working with today's charisma vacuums is unwatchable.
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Re: Did we forget Shane McMahon's history?

Anyone of you that think Shane is worth watching or was legit back in his younger days is as dumb as a door nail. You wanna call me out on it or complain to mods go ahead.
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Re: Did we forget Shane McMahon's history?

Originally Posted by Rick Sanchez View Post
Shane was overrated as hell back then just like he is now. He is Vince's son and that was the only reason he ever got TV time against all those stars. The only difference now is that he is much older and fatter.
Don't think many overrated him back then. The guy was entertaining, cool demeanor, had attitude, he was fearless and carried himself well. He has quite a few good matches under his belt. That match with Kurt Angle was fantastic back in 2001.
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If Shane wants to become champion, he's got some work to do.

1) Shane needs to slow the pace. No more of that silly footwork. Champions don't dance.

2) Shane needs to tell the audience why he's doing what he's doing. Why is he feuding with Roman Reigns?? That Superman punch to Vince was a long time ago.

3) Shane needs to become a much better heel. The crowd should be booing you out of the building, like Vicki Guerrero levels.
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Re: Did we forget Shane McMahon's history?

Shane is just using up way too much TV time which could be given to way more deserving people. Pushing a guy of almost 50 as a legit wrestler when half the time he's winded and looks like he's about to pass out at the expense of people like the Miz is ridiculous .
One or two PPV matches possibly, or just have him managing people. He's way too over exposed at the moment and if they're trying to replicate Vince /Austin with him and Reigns they're failing miserably

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Re: Did we forget Shane McMahon's history?

From what I remember Shane in the past was either a heel who would talk a lot of shit and use a lot of help from outside forces to go up with these main eventers or a babyface who would try his best but get beat by guys like Kane or others.

What makes the Miz stuff infuriating is that Miz has lost to Shane twice with no outside interference and even if they were fluky wins, it makes Miz look like a chump. Hell, even at Mania, Mr. Miz had to come save his son and Miz still lost.

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Re: Did we forget Shane McMahon's history?

Originally Posted by nWo4Lyfe420 View Post
He was used as a special attraction back then. Not as a full-time wrestler who hogs 40 minutes of airtime per week and wins every match. Shane is a cancer to the product.

He's gonna win the WWE title sometime this summer. Is that really what you want to see?
This fucker has go away heat with me. Why I didnt tune in this week. Him and MIZ dominated the programming? Get the hook.

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Re: Did we forget Shane McMahon's history?

Originally Posted by Wridacule View Post
He was always the underdog in those situations. And he wasn't 50. He had to pull out every stop to win back then, and most times he still didn't. Him beating anyone while looking like he's about to die just walking to the ring just isn't right. Have you seen that smiley of him that's floating around the forum? He looks like a goddamn rotisserie chicken..!
I don't recall him ever winning clean in the attitude era either. There was usually a shit ton of interference and fuckery. He's cleanly beaten Dolph and Miz twice within the last year and a half. He almost beat Owens clean and they presented it like he would've had Sami not interfered in their HIAC match. He's probably going to win the WWE title at this point. The state of this company.
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All of his best moments like dormant in the AE, He hasn't done anything particularly special besides returning in 2016.

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