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Who did Ember Moon piss off?

Cause shes like the only main event NXT woman to come to the main roster and legit get nothing, i don't even think shes had a single feud. She was putting on amazing matches with Asuka, was one of the top women in NXT, then came to the main roster and was immediately made an after thought.

Now shes on SDL and surprise surprise shes still doing nothing. I really don't get it, she has an amazing finisher that will always get a pop, shes got a cool entrance, shes good in the ring, whats the deal?
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Well first just because you main event in NXT doesn't mean you are going to get anything special in Vince's playground.

I agree she's been misused since April last year and hasn't had a meaningful storyline on the MR usually placed in meaningless short term Feuds such as with the Riott Squad, I was sure she would pair up with Mickie for the tag titles but it's clear she's there for another body to throw in to make up the time win or lose.
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Re: Who did Ember Moon piss off?

I know she was injured for awhile, but yeah now that she's back she should be figured into one of the womens title picture. She's a tremendous talent. Would love to see her feud with Charlotte. And on a side note, she should have beaten Asuka in NXT to end her streak.
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Re: Who did Ember Moon piss off?

Probably not pissed anyone off, just another case of WWE calling someone up without having a plan or role for them
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Re: Who did Ember Moon piss off?

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Re: Who did Ember Moon piss off?

Ember is one of those many NXT stars that got called up without a single plan ahead for them. That is the reason why Ember is not in a feud or a big time event because Vince McMahon had her called up and not once thought of what to do with her. It was the same case with Nikki Cross until they paired her up with Alexa Bliss.
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Re: Who did Ember Moon piss off?

She's black. Vince McMahon is the booker. What did you expect?

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Re: Who did Ember Moon piss off?

I always said that she was going to struggle on the main roster because, as good of a wrestler as she is, she really never has been the most charismatic person, even on NXT, she was by far the most pushed woman besides Asuka in 2017, but she never was more over than the IIconics or Nikki, who despite being less talented inbetween the ropes they made up that with charisma. Could she be used better? Sure, but until she gets a character that connects with people I can't see her going very far, despite her athletic abilities and in ring skills



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Re: Who did Ember Moon piss off?

What they did to Ember Moon is sad, honestly. She had a mysterious, cool character in NXT and WWE could have easily turned it into something. Not a 'female Undertaker' so-to-speak, but something different than all the other women who are all pretty much the same.

She has the entrance, red eyes, is called the "War Goddess", and her finisher, name, and titantron all reference the moon. Great, they are all things that add to the character and could have been built upon. But ever since she debuted to the main roster, WWE just said fuck it and made her another typical female wrestler with an entrance. There are no answers or reasoning as to why she references the moon, why she is called the war goddess, just nothing. So, when WWE stopped caring, the fans did too. Why should we care when they don't? She should have had a lengthy title run by now, I've always liked Ember.
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Re: Who did Ember Moon piss off?

She pissed of the gods of charisma. She's one of the least charismatic shits in history, and by fucking far the absolute worst actor on the planet. I'm not saying this shithole cares about charisma, but even if it did she'd still be a jobber because god she's terrible.

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