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Re: The Kabuki Warriors

Originally Posted by grecefar View Post
next week kabuki pirates.
They actually should've went with this.
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Re: The Kabuki Warriors

Originally Posted by prosperwithdeen View Post
Not the Geisha Experience?
Give it a week.
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Re: The Kabuki Warriors

Originally Posted by Matthew Castillo View Post
It's a form of Japanese theater that is traditionally performed with an all male cast. It's an ill fitting name as they have no kabuki theme (even the mask Asuka sometimes wears is from Noh theater), but they are also both women.
Kabuki was started by a woman and originally had women until it was banned and only confined to the stage where women weren't allowed to perform.

By 1603-1604 Okuni had reached the height of her popularity, and had established stages in various parts of the city. Her plays were addressed primarily to the common people; but she soon attracted the attention of the nobility, and was invited to play at the residence of the Shogun. There is a record of at least one invitation to play before the Imperial Court in 1603-1604.

Such success led to imitation, and the number of Kabuki playhouses multiplied; but, in spite of occasional signs of aristocratic favor, Kabuki remained essentially an entertainment of the common people--in reality a protest against social as well as dramatic conventions. Those who devoted themselves to its interests were men without honourable employment and women from the prostitute quarters. Gross immorality and unbridled licentiousness made it a social danger; and as early as 1608 official order confined it to the outskirts of the cities. In 1629 Onna Kabuki was strictly prohibited, avowedly because of its immoral influence, possibly because of its being also a hotbed of dangerous thought and popular freedom.

The doom of Onna Kabuki seems to have been foreseen by some, for in 1617 Dansuke, who had been conducting a company of women, founded the first company composed of men-players only. Men, especially young men, had played in Onna Kabuki; and it probably was not difficult to build up a company from these and from men about town, as the downfall of the Ashikaga Shogunate had left many of its natural supporters without employment. As women were forbidden the stage, young men held a monopoly of the female parts; and for this reason the new companies and their plays were known as Wakashu Kabuki.

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Re: The Kabuki Warriors

Honestly I actually feel more bad for Kairi than Asuka now. At least Asuka had her day in the sun, when ratings were better, and had some big singles moments and matches and a title run (uneventful as it was), and she had some great high profile matches in there too. She's at the Sheamus-The Bar point of her run now. Kairi though comes up at the worst time, when Vince is in panic mode, ratings downturn, and is "personally" handling everything now. DOA--basically hidden in a tag team with a Vince-patented name.

I'd always said that if shit hit the fan in the WWE, Vince would more than likely make things worse rather than better. He'd get all hands-on with the product (even more than usual) and default to his old cliches.

Now, considering this team has like 97% of Vince's fingerprints on it at least there is a good chance they will be pushed, even if they don't win the tag titles immediately. I mean if you're still into wins and losses that is, because ultimately it doesn't matter.
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Re: The Kabuki Warriors

I would suggest "The Harakiri Squad"!!!

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Re: The Kabuki Warriors

Originally Posted by #BestForBusiness View Post
I laughed out loud. I think Vince literally Googled Japanese names, saw that name, and was intrigued. Kabuki is literally a word for male dancers lol.
Kabuki is actually a common expression in the wrestling world. It's a word for a type of theater, drama, dance.

Paige said they originally wanted "Kabuki Girls" which i like a lot better then warriors
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the brand split sucks
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Re: The Kabuki Warriors

Someone should explain to Paige what the word "choice" means. "They wanted this name, but someone else besides them changed it to someone else," means that they DIDN'T actually "choose the name themselves."
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Re: The Kabuki Warriors

The more that I think about it
Isn't Asuka's entire Gimmick is being a Kabuki?

This is basically a case of white American liberals trying to force their outrage culture and Political Correctness on the world
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Re: The Kabuki Warriors

Not really, she wears a Noh mask (albeit Kabuki robes), and her gimmick is a combination of a number of different things. Also Kairi's gimmick has nothing to do with Kabuki.

I actually agree with llj that Kairi might have it even worse than Asuka does right now. I mean Asuka's MR booking hasn't been GOOD mind you. But she at least has gotten a few big moments and matches on the MR, and had a title reign (poorly-booked though it was).

But Kairi has come up at the worst possible time it would seem. The ratings suck, Vince is panicking, he's micro-managing even more it would seem, and this stupid Wildcard thing has made it even harder more most talent to break out. And now she's in tag team limbo in a team with a dumb name.

Kairi's more than good enough to be a big single's star, but I fear for her ever getting a real chance to do that with Vince apparently fucking things up even more now.

And on top of all that, we lost out on getting to see Io vs. Kairi on a Takeover, for this.
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Re: The Kabuki Warriors

Probably named after The Great Kabuki, no?

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