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Originally Posted by HiddenFlaw View Post
What kofi needs is a chest.
And a boatload of talent.
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Re: Kofi NEEDS to go.

Originally Posted by Phee View Post
Kevin Owens is better than Kofi in every single way. He's awesome on the mic, has the charisma, is strong in the mic, is over with the audience and is a proven draw. Kofi is a nobody on his own. NEW DAY is the draw, Kofi is a failure on his own. Name one match Kofi had on his own besides with DB that was memorable.
In what way is KO a "proven draw"? More than any other member on the roster other than he sold a good amount of merch, just like The New Day. There is no "draw" on the roster. The brand is the draw. The name "WWE" is the draw, and even that is fading.

And you say Kofi is a nobody on his own. You may be right. But where would KO be in his WWE career without guys like Zayn and especially Jericho to help carry him?

And lastly, I don't have to name a memorable match Kofi had before Bryan. If you want to live in the past with that feel free. I'm focusing on what Kofi is now and the run he's having now, which is a pretty damn good one. Thanks to the work he put in and the work guys like Bryan have put in to help him.

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Re: Kofi NEEDS to go.

Kofi is fine. I don't see him as a giant star or amazing champion, but you need to commit to some of these guys if they are going to be put on posters and marketing material and they are expected to draw attention. Kofi should beat Owens at Money in the Bank. He doesn't need to hold the belt forever and a day, but the fans' interest in him needs to be rewarded a little.
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Re: Kofi NEEDS to go.

Yea I was fine when they decided to give him the title because it felt like it happened organically and seemed like the right time to pull the trigger. But now that I have seen him as champion, it just doesn't work for me. He feels kind of like a midcard act and it is very hard to take him seriously. I even forget he is champion most the time. So while I liked the feel good moment, the title needs to come off of him very soon.
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Re: Kofi NEEDS to go.

I've now heard both Seth's and Kofi's reigns considered failures, how do you fail as champ before your first ppv match?

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Re: Kofi NEEDS to go.

Nah Vince and his team needs to go. Don't blame Kofi for his shitty presentation as champion.
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The problem with Kofi Kingston at the moment is that he's basically doing the same stick as he did with the new day and rather than developing his character and differentiate himself more he sticks to the same Persona which shows laziness and lack of effort especially now that he's a champion it should be way different but I guess people behind the scenes think if it's not broke don't fix it and let it be alone the problem though is that this single run as well Champion should be a little different than his runs he's had for a long time with the new day

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Re: Kofi NEEDS to go.

The problem is the short attention span of wrestling fans today. Already calling for Kofis title reign as a failure when he hasn't defended it on PPV yet AND just won it over a month ago. Kevin Owens could win at MITB and the same people would get tired of his reign a month later.

Kevin Owens is just another glorified midcarder. I like the guy and he deserves the praise, but he isn't any bigger of a draw than Kofi Kingston. Most of WWEs roster isn't, which is part of WWEs problem these days.

Calling Kofi a failure on his own is pretty shallow. Especially considering how long the guy has been in WWE and how many pushes he had BEFORE New Day was a thing.
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Agreed although I was never a fan to begin with.

He just screams career mid-carder and has the worst look of any previous champ .

When you think of the greats that had held this belt: Austin, Rock, HHH, Taker, Cena, Lesnar etc and you put Kofi Kingston next to them it’s laughable
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Re: Kofi NEEDS to go.

Unless they make drastic changes, it doesn't really matter. KO wins, he'll be a third grade bully "chicken shit" heel. Reigns wins, it's the same half-assed Superman underdog story on repeat. Any of the League of midcarders win it, it's basically a Kofi run or a KO run with surface level differences.
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