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Re: WWE fines Lars Sullivan over comments

Originally Posted by RamPaige View Post
All this shows is how miserable the majority of people are with their own lives that they're willing to dig up old comments from years ago simply to ruin a person's ability to care for themselves. From what I was able to read, because some of the links didn't work, his comments weren't anything offensive to me. I wouldn't have cared if he said that 5 minutes ago I certainly don't care that it was said 10 years ago.

And again, if these people are going to freak out whenever someone has what they consider to be the "wrong opinion" on non-whites, women, gays, trannies, and Muslims then they need to have that same energy when people have unfavorable opinions on whites, men, non-trannies, and Christians.
There's this weird projection thing where they're "dug up." You know there are people who know the guy and occupied the same cyber-space as him, right? You know that he said these things to people, right? You know that he got banned because he made real-life people's skin crawl, right? His ability to care for himself? What about his ability to care for other people, and at least be considerate of their existence? Why is there special consideration for Lars?

And this is the problem with people who lack empathy. "These comments didn't bother me." Cool. Fuck you. These sorts of comments bother lots of people. You saw Wale stick up the finger. Are you saying he's wrong to be offended by Lars saying what he said about black people? Pull your fucking head out of your ass -- your back isn't the duck, and whatever washes off for you isn't necessarily the same for the other people who are legitimately creeped out by a multi-billion dollar company giving him the spotlight.

Originally Posted by Heath V View Post
Imagine being that bored that you have to dig up something from somebody's past over a decade ago. 100k fine for some stupid thoughts, wow.. God forbid the majority of people on earth arent judged fined and imprisoned for our thoughts and the stupid crap we post on a message board. Social media and SJW on their high horses are a cancer. The more I learn about those on the far left the further i go to the other side, these people are seriously sick and they're finding out time and time again that real life is nothing like their internet safe spaces. You will NEVER meet a more judgmental group of people than those on the left. In terms of Lars comments, hopefully he realizes they were wrong and that depression and anxiety is no joke and can literally kill someone. Shame he wasn't around in the 80's, it would have been a blast to see Warrior and Hogam wrestle this Cro-Magnon man.
*Disagrees with the left* *Basically agrees with every progressive stance on this matter*

Again, there seems to be this "dug up" mentality going on. Does that make it easier to sound like a witch-hunt? How about blaming Lars for the things that Lars said? Some personal responsibility?

And if you've said the sort of things Lars has said, guess what? You're a piece of shit. Not everyone is a piece of shit in this world. Why would you identify with his position? Wtf? And if your response to people looking for social justice is to respond by buttoning down on bigotry, then guess what? You're a piece of shit too. Imagine having morals so weak that people annoying you pushed you to sacrifice them all. Again, it's a lack of personal responsibility.

You want to live by the sword of shit ideas, die by the sword of shit ideas. Don't be a coward and opt-out by claiming it was ages ago or that it's free speech or whatever. If your ideas are going into the marketplace of ideas, they get to be judged, and the if the verdict is gtfo then gtfo.
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Re: WWE fines Lars Sullivan over comments

Originally Posted by bradatar View Post
No matter how much you make, 100k is a shot. However, bums like Axel/Kalisto/Gallows are making over 200k a year. Gotta figure Lars is in the 300-400k ballpark if I had to guess. (Weirdly enough, WWE salaries sort of make sense to where people are on the card)
Dean Ambrose was reported to be making $75K per year when he was called up from NXT, under his original WWE contract. He was the lowest paid Shield member at the start of 2013.

I'm guessing that the NXT talents get an automatic bump in salary when going to the main roster, but they're between 200K - 300K (maximum) in downside guarantees. So one of two things just happened to Lars:

1) His downside guarantee was cut substantially, perhaps in half. At the end of his contract year, if the company owes him money for not making that downside it will be much, much less

2) He's going to be starving on the road for quite some time, because in this scenario WWE is prorating his $100K fine against the regular salary that is tied to house show gates and merchandising. It may be many months before Lars starts earning an actual salary, and he'll essentially be working and travelling on his expense.
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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

"So you're gonna fine me $100,000 for insensitive online comments but you're also giving me a $100,000 bonus if I make an apology? Uh... OK. Just write out what you want me to copy and paste."
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Re: WWE fines Lars Sullivan over comments

Originally Posted by jroc72191 View Post
should Bret Hart be totally disavowed for calling D-Generation X "faggots" back in 1997? cause some of these comments are from legit 2006-7-8.. we really gonna pretend like the internet is the way it is nowadays? shit back in them days people didnt give out all their info like they do now. like fuck me i dont even like Lars Sullivan but goddamn if this bullshit from the "woke" brigade isnt making me double guess my initial opinion of him.
Why is any of this content still on the Network? Whether it's that, or Adorable Adrian Adonis, The Freebirds in WCW with their Confederate wear, The Southern Boys in WCW with their Confederate wear, "The Rebel" Dick Slaytor, or most of the segments demeaning women in the Attitude Era and Ruthless Aggression Era - why hasn't WWE purged their online service of this material?
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Re: WWE fines Lars Sullivan over comments

Originally Posted by The Wood View Post
Shit like that ruins people's days.
If your day is ruined because some guy who'll you never meet said some bad stuff years ago on the internet, then that's your problem.
I don't know how people leave their own homes anymore, my goodness.

"There's very little admirable about being a pirate. There's very little functional about a pirate. There's very little real about a pirate." - Will Oldham

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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

Well I am sure he is getting a much harder lesson backstage. I am sure the fine is only half of it :P
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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

Oh noes, someone said bad things on a message board....

1000s of years ago, people conquered worlds and built, they just whine about mean people until they lose their life savings.
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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

I still think Charlotte sucks at promos, sounds too robotic and reliant on scripts. Am I the only one?
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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

I think this fined is just a way for WWE to make an action against Lars so they can just move on without them being judged.
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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

How do you fine a guy for comments he made pre-WWE?

They should have fired him, but this is the company that takes money from killers, so I don't even care anymore. Fuck off WWE.

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