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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

Originally Posted by MontyCora View Post
Batista got this EXACT punishment for juice. So I guess they're the exact same infraction basically.
FFS, you are comparing apples with bananas.

Batista broke a WWE policy WHILE working for WWE. Sullivan apparently made "racist" rants several years BEFORE he started for WWE.

What a horrible night to have a curse

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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

To be honest, I just really don't like the guy. Not just because of what he has said, but as a wrestler and as a character he's super bland. And if he lasts long enough, he'll be turned into a joke character like most other tall/brute guys in the company have.
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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

what is in the past should stay in the past.....

they fine him okay.

has he matured? if he has? Then let's all move on and not judge him on his words but because of the in ring entertainment value.

If you do not like the gimmick than that is a different animal.
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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

His views were racist and creepy from some of the old posts I have seen and this isn't the first time WWE has been made aware of those posts since they knew several months ago. WWE likely knew he made those comments years ago so I am not buying this new revelation.

Maybe his views have changed, I hope. Too late to fire him now knowing he shouldn't have ever been hired in the first place, but half the time these "former racists" claim they don't espouse those views anymore only to make new racial comments so on the one hand I am optimistic he has changed his views, but on the other not so much. The fine whether fake or real is actually a signal that if he does it again he will be suspended and fined or even fired, it's just weird they made a p.r release out of it.

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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

Word is he sought out Tetanus, I mean Titus O'Neil and others on the roster to apologize and legit try to mend fences. If he was indeed sincere about it and not just forced to by HR or whoever, it would indicate some degree of maturity. People do change. And many times in their youth they just don't realize how hurtful things they say can be.

People around here are so quick to rush to judgment, like none of them have ever done anything in their past that they'd maybe like to take back or do over. Some of y'all should do some reflecting on shit like that before running to put somebody else's head on the chopping block.

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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

Originally Posted by Chris JeriG.O.A.T View Post
How much fucking money is this guy making where he could get fined 100 gs and still afford to live? This guy just joined the main roster.
I can imagine they substract it from his future salaries. I doubt he already made that much money in WWE.
In my opinion the training is more important.

Originally Posted by #BestForBusiness View Post
What I seriously don't understand is why these Lars Sullivan comments are popping up a second time.

Right before Wrestlemania we were hearing about all the stuff he was saying in the Body Building forum 12 years ago, then it kind of cooled off. Now all of a sudden it's reemerging again with the same exact comments that were reported months ago, like we all forgot that it was reported already? Like, why?
Some people just really hate Lars Sullivan, like he slept with their girlfriend or something.
Ask Big E.
It totally makes no sense, because they all knowed that for sure before. Then he should started a training already before he came to the main roster.

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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

Ill just post this here

Titus OíNeil: ďI know we were not on this subject, but with Lars Sullivan. He made some comments that were oppressive and offensive to several demographics of people. Lars sought me out and he sought out other people. I saw with Lars for 35 minutes in talent relations. I saw a man who had clearly made mistakes in his choice of words and his mindset, years before he became my coworker. People automatically call for him to be fired and ostracized, my thing is that people change. If thatís who he really is, then he has no place in any profession, wrestling or otherwise. He doesnít deserve to live a life of luxury or grace if he chooses to be that person. But I looked at a person who was very humbled and apologetic and very misguided.

Not to say that thereís ever an excuse, but until you know someone personally, you canít take things personally. I believe in my heart that the situation with Lars will be a teachable moment for everybody, and Iím willing to put my name on this situation just going by my gut and my heart simply because of how he came to me as a man. As a man, to sit down with another man, you have my utmost respect. He could have easily evaded me and easily let the company deal with it. He chose to go a different route. I am hoping that my gut is right, and Iíll do my best to help him learn from the whole situation.

When it comes to people making bad judgment calls, not one person on this Earth is perfect, including me. Iím not a perfect dad, Iím not the perfect human being. Everybody deserves an opportunity. If thatís not who he is now, give him the opportunity to show that.Ē
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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

Didn't Brock say he doesn't like queers or fags during a press conference once?

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Re: Lars Sullivan fined $100,000

Regarding Sullivan and Hogan,

Let him who is without sin cast the first stone:

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